The evolution of the tummy in pregnancy

The evolution of the tummy in pregnancy

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Belly growth in pregnant women, month by month


In the last month of pregnancy, the growth of the belly shoots up. The baby reaches its size and development, and is placed in position to be born. The pressure causes fatigue and increases the urge to urinate, and the oblique may stick out as a small bump.

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The size of the tummy in the eighth month makes it difficult to fall asleep, sleeping on your side and with a pillow can be a relief. In addition, the pressure makes less room for the lungs, thus increasing difficulty in breathing, and Braxton-Hicks contractions may begin to be felt.

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The increase in your belly, as well as your weight, can start to cause back and ankle pain and sleep problems. Stretch marks may appear on the skin of the belly and breasts, so it is important to apply cream regularly to prevent their appearance by hydrating the skin.

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The second trimester of pregnancy ends with the second round of tests to check the health of the baby through ultrasound. The belly continues to increase in size, and so does the baby, who is already moving with intensity. The skin on the belly, when stretched, can cause itching.

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The fifth month of pregnancy is very special, since the baby's movements begin to be actively perceived. The uterus has grown to the level of the navel and the belly shows the pregnancy perfectly, it is time to buy maternity clothes and enjoy an ideal size of the belly, noticeable but not hindering.

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The development of the baby begins to accelerate and to be perceived in the belly, which begins to grow discreetly. Because of this increase, the mother may feel more hungry, and begin to notice the need to buy some maternity clothes to be comfortable.

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In the case of the first pregnancy, there may still be no signs in the belly of the baby's growth, the growth of the breasts being more noticeable, but you may begin to notice the first signs. In addition, with the end of the first trimester, the first health tests of the baby arrive.

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In the second month the external signs of pregnancy are not yet perceived, although due to hormonal changes the future mother can notice sensations. The uterus grows but remains inside the pelvis until the third month, so there is no sign in the abdomen.

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The first signs of pregnancy begin to appear, although they are not yet evident in the belly and its appearance does not show changes. Nausea and vomiting can even cause you to lose weight if they are very intense.

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