The sneak of the class. Children's story about harassment and bullying

The sneak of the class. Children's story about harassment and bullying

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It is not easy to explain to children the difference between being a snitch and when it is necessary to tell an adult what another child has done. Sometimes it is easier to do it through stories and tales in which they see represented real scenes that can happen to them or have already happened to them.

On our site we invite you to read this children's story about harassment and bullying: The class snitch and talk with your children about the importance of reporting bullying in the classroom.

Adrián was becoming very popular in class; but not precisely because of his sympathy, but because he is a snitch.

- Who wrote that foul word on the board? The professor asked.

A few seconds had not passed and Adrián accused:

- It was Ines.

Therefore, little by little, he was gaining the title of snitch.

There came a time when the other children did not want to stand by his side or play with him and he began to notice the emptiness of all his companions.

One day he came home very sad and his father asked him:

- Is something wrong?

Adrián started crying hiccupping and said:

- Nobody wants to play with me ...

- Why son? Do you know what happened?

And Adrián told his father that he was the class snitch.

His father, after a few seconds of silence, said:

- That is easy to fix. Show your colleagues that from now on they can trust you, that you have changed.

The next morning, Adrián was very quiet and, Although he was able to accuse María and Luis of their bad behavior, he did not do so; to the amazement of the children.

Little by little, day by day, he managed to get his colleagues to trust him again.

After a while, Adrián accidentally witnessed something that he didn't like at all. Some boys from a higher grade had cornered Lucas, another smaller one in his class, and they yelled at him, pushed him and laughed at him, while the little one cried. Adrián was shocked by what he saw but did not say anything to anyone.

Days later, he discovered the same students cornering their partner again in the bathroom. This time they had thrown him on the ground and opened the backpack; But Adrián fell silent again, fearing he was the class's snitch and the fear that they would also mess with him.

Since then, Adrián was always attentive and close to his companion, but he kept silent and, when night came, he couldn't sleep thinking about poor Lucas.

One afternoon, as was customary, he saw how the bullies began to mock and beat his classmate after class. That day, Adrián saw the suffering and the look of help of the child and when he got home, crying uncontrollably, he told his parents everything. They reassured him, told him that he had done very well by telling what was happening to Lucas and made it clear that this was not being a snitch.

The next day, Adrián's parents went to school and spoke with the management, which in a short time was able to put an end to this situation.

Lucas and Adrián stopped suffering and are now very good friends.

Ask your children these questions to find out if they have really understood the story

- Why didn't the children want to play with Adrián?

- Why did Adrián not warn the elders about Lucas's harassment?

- What happened in the end?

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