Children need to be useful to be happy

Children need to be useful to be happy

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Our greatest concerns with our children are always directed around their being happy. Happiness that we understand as a final result, ignoring the previous steps that must be taken to reach that happiness.

Explaining it metaphorically, imagine a staircase whose final step is happiness itself. We cannot reach the last step without climbing the first ones. Steps such as acceptance, (we cannot be happy without accepting ourselves as we are), and another very important one that we will focus on today; the to feel useful.

We tell you why children need to be useful to be happy.

One of the most important things about the human condition is that we can all be useful, so we must "train" our children to be "useful."

One of the most beautiful sensations we can experience is when we have done something for something or someone, and we have felt useful. It is usually accompanied by feelings of joy, satisfaction, gratitude, and pride. The action of doing something for someone accompanied by the emotions it provokes is reason enough to be emotionally satisfied.

Two fundamental aspects converge on this plane:

- Know what I want to do (objectives).

- The motivation to achieve it.

How can we make our children feel useful?

I recommend the 3 basic and easiest rules to put into practice.

1. Performing household chores around the house. Without using an incentive award or final reward, but only for the mere fact of being useful.

2. Be able to run errands based on their age. Apart from the responsibility and autonomy that comes with running errands, it is also a good setting where children can feel useful.

3. Sharing help times with their parents. In those routine tasks teach them to have an active and collaborative presence.

What rewards will feeling useful have for them?

In the same way, I will go on to cite the 3 most important:

1. They will learn the way of cooperation and not of selfishness.

2. Decision-making will improve in them.

3. They will have a more attitude positive before life.

We can reinforce this attitude with reinforcements of this type:

- Very well, I hope you have felt useful….

- Great your contribution, I hope you are happy for having felt useful to this family.

- What you have done is very useful for us, many Thank you.

- The attitude you have had in the family helps us a lot to… ..

Put it into practice and they will surely thank you in the long run.

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