What grandparents can do for their grandchildren

What grandparents can do for their grandchildren

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The importance of grandparents in the education and family bond of children


The grandparentsIn general, they tend to have more time, more patience and more availability. Therefore, in many families it is the grandparents who are responsible for helping the grandchildren with their homework.

There is nothing more exciting for a child than playing 'Indiana Jones' or being an explorer in the wild. A hat and binoculars cannot be missed on the adventures that grandparents ride for their grandchildren. A way of making children discover spectacular corners and landscapes in nature.

One of the most relaxing activities for grandparents is fishing. So there are many grandparents who introduce their grandchildren to this activity as a way of creating a lasting bond with them. It's that grandparents have many things to teach their grandchildren.

There are grandparents who have the habit of taking their grandchildren on trips, on vacations, every year. Children are encouraged to try trips by car, train, coach or plane with their grandparents. With grandparents they experience different journeys. A trip will always be a stimulating activity for both children and grandparents.

With grandparents, children feel freer since they do not impose as many rules as parents. Grandparents, in general, have more time to take their grandchildren to the fields and play things as simple as hugging them.

Many grandparents, because of everything they have lived and gone through in their lives, have many experiences to pass on to their grandchildren. There is nothing more stimulating for children than to chat with their grandparents, tell them about their little things, their adventures, and listen to the advice they have in store for their grandchildren.

When grandparents are with their grandchildren, they want to enjoy the outdoors, nature and share fun and simple activities with them, such as taking the man to make them feel the country air, as if they were riding a horse. Children love to feel and see everything from above their shoulders. grandparents.

Hopscotch, rope, hide and seek, chess or checkers ... All of them are games that grandparents already played when they were children, so they are the best teachers to teach their grandchildren these activities.

Grandparents are a perfect shoulder to cry on and their arms are the perfect place to receive love and affection. Grandparents hugs and kisses are proof of how they feel about their grandchildren. Affection builds trust and friendship.

Grandparents have thousands of stories to tell their grandchildren, and they can also be perfect storytellers. Sitting on the lap of the grandfather or grandmother to listen to a story is a pleasure and a stimulus to the family bond.

Grandparents and grandmothers are especially concerned when their grandchildren are sick, they make soup for them, make sure that their fever does not rise too much, they are very attentive to their needs and they are wonderful improvised doctors.

Grandma's recipes are the richest, healthiest and most nutritious. Only they know how to prepare delicious stews and dishes for the grandchildren. They cook their favorite recipes and all that ... with a lot of love!

Grandparents lose years when they play and spend time with their grandchildren. They become a bit childish and are able to go back to their childhood. And there are grandchildren who have a lot of fun with their grandparents, proposing new and entertaining experiences.

Children are up to date when it comes to new technologies. They learn almost without realizing how to use a tablet or a computer. Therefore, more and more grandparents are catching up and learning to handle new technologies to be able to communicate with their grandchildren and stay up to date.

A doodle, a drawing, a craft, a flower that the grandson picks up in the park ... Anything a grandson does for his grandfather becomes a real treasure that he keeps like gold on cloth. In addition, they can have a very entertaining time doing some activity together.

Many grandparents, in the absence of their father or mother due to work, spend the afternoon with their grandchildren. They take them to the park, play on the swings, ride a bicycle or enjoy the countryside and nature with their grandchildren. There is nothing more stimulating for children than sharing outdoor games with their grandparents.

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