Where to sleep the newborn: crib or bassinet

Where to sleep the newborn: crib or bassinet

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Crib or bassinet? This is a good question to which everyone has an answer. It is clear that everyone has their needs and they do not always coincide with the choices of others. In You will find some of the disadvantages and advantages that parents find when making their choice between crib or bassinet. How to choose a crib, bassinet or crib or cot for the newborn.

Each thing has its advantages and disadvantages. During the first months, they say that the bassinet is more comfortable because the child is more comfortable in closed environments than in spacious ones. Another advantage is that the bassinet, being smaller and having wheels, can move more easily around the rooms and it usually fits in smaller spaces, such as the sides of the double bed, especially in case of breastfeeding the baby.

Nevertheless, the bassinet will be too small for us in about 4 months and in the end we will have to buy the crib, with which the cost will be double. Another problem that parents find is that they are a bit unstable, so if we have another little brother who is going to be leaning continuously or a pet that can lean on the bassinet, it is better that we discard this option, since they are easy to overturn.

The crib on the other hand, although it is more expensive, can even serve us until the child goes to bed, but it has the disadvantage of being more complicated to move and occupying more of the room. There are some parents who are afraid that their children will slip through the bars or get lost under the blankets, so it is necessary to buy a head protector in addition, it is also recommended, especially in the first months of life, that they put a reducer around the body so that the child does not move around the crib.

The theme of mattress It is something to consider both in the bassinet and in the crib. In both cases it must be hard, that is, the child does not sink in the central partas this serves to reduce the risks of sudden death.

If in the end you decide on the crib from the beginning, I recommend that you buy one that can be lowered in height as they grow so that the child does not come off easily or fall. It went very well for us, and it also made the task easier when we transferred them to a large bed, since they were used to sleeping in the crib without the barrier in front.

In my case, as a mother of twins, the choice was more than made: a bassinet did not make much sense since we had been recommended that the twins sleep together (which in the end we did not put into practice), and for that a cradle, since the bassinet did not fit. Nor did I feel like doing a double purchase and accumulating another piece of equipment in a few months, since we were going to have to buy the crib in the end. So we decided on two cribs that made beds right from the start.

Our daughters were premature, and therefore very small in size, however, we put some roll cushions inside the crib and the truth is that they never had a problem (that I know of).

And, most importantly, my father is happier because he has one less thing that I put in his storage room.

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