11 weeks pregnant

11 weeks pregnant

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There is much talk about the discomforts that occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, but pregnancy at week 11 not only brings with it certain discomforts but also some advantages. Women tend to acquire healthy lifestyle habits to promote the proper development of their baby, pregnancy and breastfeeding can protect against certain types of cancer and some women say they have less menstrual pain after having a baby.

You start to feel like your usual clothes are tighter. It is normal that in the afternoon the waist of your pants or skirts fits you more. It's still early days to wear pregnant clothes, especially if it's your first pregnancy, but you can opt for looser clothes so you don't feel oppressed or uncomfortable. You already notice a bulge in the pubis region, your uterus grows and with it your abdomen.

Cramps in pregnant women are normal, you may wake up during the night feeling intense pain in your calves or calves. Ask your partner for help and stretch the muscle well by stretching the foot towards you. The cramps, normal from now on, in the eleventh week of gestation, are due to fatigue or the lack of certain vitamins such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The nausea and dizziness are subsiding, little by little you will feel less sleepy and you will enter the second trimester of pregnancy, for many women the best of all because the initial discomforts have passed and the abdomen is still not very large.

Many women suffer from spots on the skin during pregnancy, always go outside with protective cream to avoid the unsightly chloasma gravidarum.

Your baby is 9 weeks old, measures 5 centimeters and weighs 7 grams. The eyelids and lips are already appreciated, the nails are growing and her skin is very fine. In the 11th week of pregnancy the limbs are longer and each time it looks more like a tiny baby. You can move your legs but it's too early for you to notice their kicks, especially if it is your first pregnancy.

The embryo can open its mouth and swallow amniotic fluid, but it is through the placenta that it receives nutrients and oxygen to develop.

Your main organs have already developed and are beginning to function: you have a liver and a stomach, your pancreas is already producing insulin and your intestine is preparing for the day when you eat on its own, your kidneys are already operational and producing urine.

Your baby's lung tissue is almost developed, his nervous system is now forming. You begin to have cycles of wakefulness and sleep and his sexual organs are already visible although it is too early to distinguish them through an ultrasound.

The pelvic floor is the set of muscles that close the floor of the abdomen and keep the bladder, uterus and rectum in suspension. Pregnancy and childbirth often weaken the pelvic floor and this could cause urinary incontinence or certain sexual dysfunctions. To strengthen these muscles, you can perform Kegel exercises. It is about contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor, to do this, press hard as if you were holding the urge to pee and after 5 seconds relax the muscles. Repeat the operation after 10 seconds.

During your entire pregnancy, you should quit smoking if you were a smoker. Some doctors advise their patients to reduce their cigarette consumption to 4 or 5 a day, as sometimes, quitting smoking causes great stress that can be passed on to the fetus. In any case, today there are many techniques to give up smoking and a good time is pregnancy, since there are studies on bronchial and respiratory problems in children of smoking mothers. Take advantage of this eleventh week of pregnancy to put out your last cigarette.

Many women tell stories of aversion to certain foods during pregnancy, even when before they were pregnant they ate them as a problem. The causes of cravings or aversions in pregnancy, but it is believed that they may be related to hormonal changes or the needs of the body itself.

If now that you are in the 11th week of pregnancy you feel disgusted by certain foods that are healthy, try to substitute them with others that contain the same contributions or vitamins. On the contrary, if you have cravings that are very caloric, such as chocolate, ice cream or fast food, try to consume them in moderation and not daily to avoid having excessive weight gain during your pregnancy.

The points that you should be clear about in your pregnant diet are:

- Reduce saturated fat
- Reduce cholesterol
- Reduce quick-use carbohydrates
- Increase the contribution of vitamins and minerals

To eat a healthy diet during pregnancy you will have to increase intake of grains, fruits, vegetables, greens and legumes.

If you have some varicose veins in your legs consult your doctor, however, you can prevent them walking daily at least half an hour or, if you spend a lot of time sitting, making circular movements with your feet in one direction and another.

Sexual desire during pregnancy could be reduced, this is due to the changes and discomfort of pregnancy: nausea, drowsiness or dizziness could make you have little desire to have sex with your partner. If the reason is the fear of causing harm to the baby, you should know that it is perfectly protected between the walls of the uterus and floating in amniotic fluid. The mucous plug it is a perfectly sealed barrier in normal pregnancies and a protection mechanism. Intercourse is not recommended, therefore, if there is a rupture of the bag, bleeding or the threat of premature labor.

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