When will my baby sleep through the night?

When will my baby sleep through the night?

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One of the greatest tortures for parents of babies is the not sleeping properly. It is worse than the insistent cry of a baby, worse than dealing with a child tantrum, and far worse than despair at children who eat poorly. This is why most parents tend to ask ourselves during the first years of the baby's life: but when will he sleep through the night?

The answer is not to the taste of many but there is no choice but to accept that it is normal that babies don't sleep through the night until at least two years old. The first months they wake up due to hunger and later due to a need for contact, fear or discomfort. Not forgetting that when they finally sleep through the night, there will come periods in which colds, allergies or other ailments wake them up.

New parents are told about the change that having a baby will make to our night's rest but you have to live it to really understand it. I have some friends who only had one daughter because for two years it was impossible to sleep at night. My friend was slowly wasting away from exhaustion and vowed never to go through the same thing again.

There are babies who from the beginning are able to assimilate the different periods of wakefulness and sleep and sleep very well, they are even able to rest during 8 hours in a row at 3 or 4 months. However, the normal thing is that during the first and second month, we have to get up every two or three hours for the baby to eat and this makes rest almost impossible. By the third month the feedings are spaced out and, hopefully, we may only do two or three feedings a night. By the fourth month, the baby might already be able to sleep 7 hours straight, quite an achievement!

There are many parents who tell how their children began to sleep more hours when introducing complementary feeding from 6 months. According to them, their babies were satiated and slept longer. However, experts explain that it is not a matter of the amount of food the baby eats, but of its maturity. There are babies who eat a lot and continue to wake up and others, worse eaters who sleep peacefully. It is because of that the baby's ability to sleep depends on his age.

There is therefore not a day that we can mark on the calendar, having children implies certain sacrifices, as well as many satisfactions, and we have to take them as well as possible. If you feel irascible, nervous, exhausted or in a bad mood because you do not rest well, you can take turns with your partner to care for the baby at night or try to take small naps during the day, taking advantage of those that the baby does. And above all, use large doses of ... patience!

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