10 good resolutions for parents for the New Year

10 good resolutions for parents for the New Year

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Children can teach us thousands of things: to be persevering, to get excited about small things, to enjoy everything that falls into our hands, to recognize our fears ... We only have to look at our children to learn from them and get what best of us.

Are your children's friendships good? Parents should know those who share games, secrets or fun with our children. Good friends can help them develop and grow as people, bad influences can lead them astray.

Participating in children's school life does not mean doing their homework. Children spend a long day at school, we should be aware of what they do or do not do, how they behave, which subject costs them more or even which bores them. For this year that begins, our purpose is to get more involved in the school life of our children.

We cannot fool children, they realize that parents do not always lead by example and they are the first to remind us when we do not act as we ask them to. Children need us to be consistent between what we tell them and what we do in order to make our teachings valid.

Parents must apply a series of rules and limits to children. We may not always get them to comply, but little by little, with perseverance and firmness, we will be able to apply that discipline, always with love and affection. We will thus avoid that the lack of limits becomes a future lack of respect of our children towards us.

Children can sometimes drain our patience, however, on many occasions, we should breathe and count to 10 before losing it. And the thing is, children have their own time. We cannot require them to dress, eat, or do their homework as quickly as we do. They will have tantrums, moments of confusion or bad behavior. This year, let's try to be more patient with our children.

Listening to children is much more than hearing them. It is serving them, putting yourself at their disposal, empathizing with them. Children, not because they are small, do not have important and interesting things to say. Listening to them helps you to know them, to know their fears, their problems, their joys and their hopes. This New Year ... let's listen to our children.

'I'll take you to see a football game', 'I'll buy you sweets later', 'I'll give you a puppy next year' ... Many times we promise things knowing that we cannot or want to fulfill them. Not telling the truth to our children is not respecting them, it is underestimating them. A good New Year's resolution is to be honest with our children, to keep the promises we make, both good and bad.

Do you spend a lot of time with your children? If you spend little time, is it quality? In many cases, the answer is likely to be 'not always'. A good purpose for this year is to make quality time for our children, play with them, learn with them, enjoy with them.

Respect is a very important value in family life. It is also a reciprocal value, that is, if you respect your son, he will respect you. It is not logical to demand respect from children if children are not treated with respect.

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