Some 370,000 babies are born with AIDS each year

Some 370,000 babies are born with AIDS each year

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Is it possible to eliminate the transmission of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) between mother and child?

Today in the World AIDS Day, UNICEF reveals in its report that it is committed to a generation without AIDS.

It is expected that in five years no more will be born children with HIV, although the latest statistical data reveal that around 370,000 babies are born with AIDS each year, during childbirth or breastfeeding.

90 percent of babies with HIV is born in Africa Sub-Saharan Africa where up to half of them, due to lack of treatment, die before reaching the age of two. How could this situation be changed?

We all know that the AIDS, like diabetes and other chronic diseases, it has no cure, but it does prevention and treatment.

The lactation it is the best way to feed a baby. However, a woman infected with HIV can transmit the virus to her baby during pregnancy, delivery, and through breastfeeding. UNICEF believes that the solution lies in increasing current efforts to make the mothers with HIV receive the appropriate treatment to control the disease, wherever they are.

Blocking the transmission of this disease from mother to baby is possible if there is a control during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman tests positive for HIV, she should receive antiretroviral medication, treatment during and after delivery, and guidance on feeding her baby.

According to the Community Network on HIV / AIDS of the Spanish State, it is possible that practically no baby reaches the world carrying the burden of HIV. For that, it is necessary to continue pressuring leaders to fulfill their funding promises and seek new ones. innovative modelss to fill this gap. Medicines also need to be delivered even in remote places. Of the 33.4 million infected with HIV, 2.5 million are children.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is committed to prevention among young women and mothers. More than 60 percent of young people living with HIV worldwide are women of age under 25 years. They are the most vulnerable, the most affected in this sense. Measures of prevention, treatment, care and help to mothers with AIDS, are the words of order that are heard the most today.

Hopefully they will soon be a reality.

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