Be careful when buying children's toys online at Christmas

Be careful when buying children's toys online at Christmas

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Perhaps it is because parents have so many things in mind, so much time invested in work, or so many activities to take our children to, that we hardly have time to spend an afternoon going from store to store, looking for all the gifts that our children ask for Christmas.

The Internet, in this case, has been a revolution for desperate parents: You save hours of traffic, fight with the neighbor over the only star doll left in the store, and remove Heaven and Earth to find that game that your son has asked you, and that without it, he promises you never again will be happy again.

However, you have to have Be careful when buying children's toys online.

In recent years, internet toy sales It has grown as much as my grandmother's cake (a secret recipe that she never wanted to reveal to us), that is, 60% more every year, if we have to put it in more mundane and popular figures.

The trend of the US brand, which in this case, is at the forefront of internal parents Christmas buyers on digital platforms, reaching almost 83%. The rest of the world is behind, but increasing every year.

So far, everything would be a rainbow of colors for stressed parents, if it weren't for the fact that you can't touch or check what the toy you're buying is like for your child, or where it is. investing your illusions and your money.

The danger it is that many of these toys are counterfeits or defective toys. In fact, toys are on the top ten list of rigged products.

But, at a time when half the world has few economic resources To cope with the dreaded holiday economy, this could be construed as a bonus - it's a cheap toy, even if it's not exactly the same as the real thing. Surely the child will be worth the same until next Christmas, at which time the toy will become another junk on a shelf to be replaced by the novelty of the year.

This thought, while practical, can be totally catastrophic.

- It is not that we want large companies to take money out of our pockets just because, but, after that toy there has been someone who has been creating that idea and making an attractive design for the child, and that must be valued. The ideas are paid, as they are the ones that will develop your child's mind through play.

- This company has also subjected the toy to safety tests to which the counterfeit toys, and that sometimes takes months of changes. A counterfeit toy can be dangerous for a child, especially for the little ones: legs and arms that come loose, pieces that come off and end suffocating To our children, toxic materials and paints that the child sucks, sharp edges that cut ...

And that's where our talents as responsible parents and bold investigators come in to distinguish whether the toy is false or true.

1- If you are in the European Union, you should see a symbol that says EC, but beware! there is a similar symbol but in which the letters are closer together which means China Export (if the Chinese are at all).

2- If it is a private seller, the normal thing is that it does not have stock, nor warehouse. Be wary of private sellers that all they have are top brand products or too much variety.

3- Check if you have comments from other buyers and take a good look at their profile.

4- Be suspicious of bargains.

5- Compare the Photos you have with the photos of the original products. And if the photos are taken from other websites.

6- Ask the maker and show them pictures of the toy, they will confirm if they are fake or not.

But, if you have a moment to escape from your busy life, I recommend that you go and find that gift yourself: you can compare in situ all toys, see its true quality, experience Christmas more fully and invest a little more enthusiasm in what you are giving, and see if, indeed, the toy that your child has chosen fits what he really should have.

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