The most permissive grandparents seriously harm children's health

The most permissive grandparents seriously harm children's health

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Until now we thought that grandparents could have the green light to 'spoil' their children. Grant them those whims that parents do not allow, occasionally skip some of the rules and limits set by parents ... and yes, feed them all those foods 'forbidden' by parents. What difference does it make if they are grandparents? Well no. Not well. What's more: it's wrong.

A recent study by the University of Glasgow warns of the danger that this attitude of grandparents poses to the health of their grandchildren. We refer to things related to food, physical activity and pollution. And it seems that the most permissive grandparents seriously harm the health of children.

It may seem exaggerated to you, and you think that grandparents have always been like that, but the study of Social Sciences and Public Health Unit of the University of Glasgow (UK), make things clear: the most permissive grandparents can harm the health of children.

The study has been carried out in 18 different countries (in case you were already thinking that that will be the British grandparents), and about the relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren in their first years of life (in relation to healthy habits). The conclusions from a total of 56 different studies in this regard are these: 'Grandparents are harming the health of their grandchildren due to overeating, frequently offering them indulgences such as sweets and industrial pastries and lack of physical exercise'. That is, they come to blame grandparents for the alarming increase in childhood obesity in developed countries.

The polluting factor of smoking grandparents was also analyzed, do not respect the parents' decision not to smoke in the presence of their children. And yet the emotional field was not taken into account, which is obviously always positive.

The study is more alarming than it sounds. It goes much further and goes so far as to suggest that grandparents who are so permissive about feeding their grandchildren and who are also smokers, they increase the risk of their grandchildren of suffering some type of tumor in the future.

The basic problem is that grandparents are spending more and more time with their grandchildren. Many are those who take care of their diet, and end up giving up the healthiest diet due to the insistent complaints and whims of children. And all this without counting the tensions that this attitude causes in the family, since the parents try to bet on a healthy diet while the grandparents skip the rule without regard.

However, this study leaves many gaps. Many grandparents insist and defend that only offer 'treats' and unhealthy foods to their grandchildren if they see them from time to time, and they ensure that they never would if they had to be cared for on a daily basis. Let's not forget, in fact, that grandparents can also be the best cooks and perfect 'ambassadors' of healthy food. You just have to insist and make them aware of the importance it has for their grandchildren that they are.

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