Locomotive cake. Easy and fun recipes for kids

Locomotive cake. Easy and fun recipes for kids

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The cakes homemade birthday They are always a success, especially if the one who made it is the child himself.

Here is an easy and fun recipe for a birthday cake in the shape of a locomotive loaded with candies, but best of all: it doesn't need an oven!

Just a little help from an adult with the knife and a lot imagination when decorating it with sweets and toys.

You also have the option of tailor decor at every moment of the year: at Christmas fill it with polvorones and chocolates, and on Halloween use sweets shaped like bat, skulls or flying witches; or if you prefer you can customize it with the theme that your child likes the most.

  • 2 or 3 marbled, chocolate or butter Plum Cakes buns.
  • A chocolate bar in a tablet to melt.
  • Candy (lollipops, lollipops ...)
  • Mini chocolate donuts and cookies.
  • Cocoa spread to spread.

To decorate:

  • Piñata toys: trumpets, dolls etc.
  • Chopsticks (plastic or wooden).

1. In a large tray we will put kitchen paper, and on top we will place the plum cakes. Depending on the number of children, we will use two or three pieces. One piece will be the locomotive and the others will make the wagons.

We will cut 1/3 of one and place the small piece on top, as shown in the photo. The cocoa cream will serve as a glue to fix.

2. Chop the chocolate bar and heat it in a water bath for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, we will begin to assemble the wheels, with candy bars or chocolate sticks (as axles) and chocolate donuts, as wheels. We will make double wheels together with cocoa cream. For the headlights, we'll stick two lollipops and two lollipops in each car.

4. Once the chocolate is ready, we will begin to cover the chocolate cake, with the help of a kitchen spatula or a spoon (if you choose a chocolate plum cake, you avoid this step).

5. Before the chocolate hardens, we will begin to decorate with the sweets. We will glue and decorate to our liking, putting windows, eyes to the locomotive with gum balls, with a cloud the fireplace etc ... We will help ourselves with toothpicks if necessary and the cocoa cream.

6. Once the chocolate has hardened, we will proceed to plate the cake. We will prepare a tray with a nice baking paper and we will place the wagons and the locomotive. To join the wagons we will put the toy trumpets and around the train toys and cookies.

And ready to surprise our guests!

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