Vitamin K for the newborn baby

Vitamin K for the newborn baby

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As soon as the baby is born, the Apgar test is performed, a test that measures its state of health at the minute of birth, at five minutes and at 10. In addition, the baby receives other care, among them an ointment is applied to eyes to prevent possible conjunctivitis and also receives a dose of vitamin K.

Vitamin K for the newborn baby It is administered by injection, we will tell you why and what other alternatives exist.

It is usually administered by intramuscular injection and is performed to prevent the newborn baby from suffering from vitamin K deficiency bleeding syndrome.

Vitamin K is essential as it helps the body make bones and tissues through protein and also produces proteins that help blood clot. In other words, without enough vitamin K, we could bleed a lot.

When the baby is born, it usually has a low level of vitamin K since it comes mainly from the diet in adults, so pediatricians usually administer a dose to activate the coagulation system and to be able to avoid a greater evil in case of bleeding. It does not happen very frequently but in case of bleeding it can cause the death of the baby.

The syndrome of vitamin K deficiency in the newborn baby usually occurs:

- In the first 24 hours after birth.

- In the first week of life if there is umbilical, rectal or oral bleeding.

- From 2 weeks of life, it is called late, in 50% of these cases an intracranial hemorrhage occurs.

Health authorities recognize that oral prophylaxis, as it is less invasive and easier to administer, nevertheless has a great disadvantage. And it is that there is a doubt about the dose that the baby has received since he can spit it out, regurgitate it or vomit it.

In addition, in case of resorting to the oral dose, it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times, that is, several doses are needed. Vitamin K given by intramuscular injection can be a more invasive method and can cause pain to the baby but is more effective. Pediatricians believe that despite having to prick the baby and cause discomfort, the benefits are greater.

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