The danger of wrapping babies with polar blankets

The danger of wrapping babies with polar blankets

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Sheltering the baby in cold weather is essential, but if we do not do it correctly and overdo it, we run the risk that his body may even have a low-grade fever (above 37º).

Furthermore, we must also be careful with what elements we shelter him, recently they are alerting us about the danger of wrapping babies in polar blankets. We tell you the risks that these elements entail for newborns.

Parents can be very exaggerated, so much so that it is not strange to see a baby dressed like an eskimo: with a diver, mittens, scarf, bag for the chair ... I have come to see babies with all that deployment and also inside the plastic against the rain on days when not a drop of water fell. If those babies were able to protest, they would do so for sure.

And at home? Sometimes there are parents who fear that their babies will get cold and wrap them in duvets, too many layers or even polar fleece blankets. Well, the latter are very dangerous.

A group of midwives from Whanganui, New Zealand, are warning about the risk of polar blankets for babies and they try to educate parents to use more suitable fabrics for newborns.

Polar fleece blankets are made from recycled bagsTherefore, they are materials made from plastic, a material that does not perspire. What can happen then? Babies can sweat excessively, overheat too much, or even stay cold as the sweat would not evaporate and they would remain wet.

Furthermore, polar materials, in addition to increasing body temperature, can cause respiratory diseases as they retain moisture in the air and prolong the child's contact with that moisture.

The children's thermostat is the same as ours, feel the same cold or heat that adults feel. Moreover, they are not only not more sensitive to cold but also tend to be more active and move more, therefore, it helps them to warm up. It is best to apply common sense. In the case of babies under one month, who regulate the temperature worse, it is necessary to apply the rule of 'one layer more than adults'.

If the baby is in a stroller and you have a sack for it, it is important to assess the clothes they are wearing. We just have to imagine what we would feel if, as we went out, they put us in a car with blankets. It depends on how cold it is, it will be necessary to remove layers of clothing or not.

In case we carry the baby, it is important to remember that we we will warm the baby in the parts that are in contact with our bodyTherefore, we do not have to cover them excessively and worry more than those that are in the air.

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