The most nutritious spoon dishes for children

The most nutritious spoon dishes for children

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When the cold arrives, spoon dishes are ideal for children for many reasons, the first of them, their temperature, since when consumed hot, they help the body to regulate the temperature.

There are many possible alternatives and a lot of variety that the Mediterranean diet offers, since stews and stews are an important part of it, and to offer healthy and nutritious children's spoon dishes, we can opt for the options that we propose.

- Lentils with rice, vigil stew or Madrid stew. Legumes and cereals in the same dish ensure that the protein improves its biological value, something of great importance for the little ones in the house, who need quality protein to grow. If we also make a good base broth with vegetables and some meat, it is a dish that has an excellent nutritional density, that is, many essential micronutrients in a not very high caloric density.

- Soups with fine pasta. They are very useful as a first course, although if they only contain the broth and noodles, they must be complemented, with a more consistent second, such as a meat or fish dish, given their low calorie content. A somewhat more caloric alternative are picadillo (ham and egg), chicken or fish soups, which can solve a light dinner, since they are not as heavy as a first and second course, but not as light as a broth, Kids already love them!

- Vegetable creams. There are many vegetables that can be chosen to make a cream, and you do not necessarily have to limit yourself to the typical zucchini cream, although it may be one of the favorites of children. Vegetable puree with whatever we have on hand, tomato and red pepper cream, pea or carrot cream, or even an aubergine cream ensure a perfect supply of vitamins and minerals for children. Of course, it must be taken into account that the vegetables must be cooked either steamed or with very little cooking water - which can be integrated into the cream itself - so that we do not lose the micronutrients. To make the dish even more nutritionally appealing, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil can be added to each serving, adding essential fatty acids to the micronutrient profile that this dish already contains.

- Marmitako of bonito, potatoes with cod or with ribs or potatoes a la marinara. These potato-based spoon dishes for children are very interesting in childhood, especially because they can be used as a single dish, since they contain complex carbohydrates and proteins of animal origin, of high biological value. Potatoes are one of the foods that should not be missing in the diet of our children, and accompanying them with vegetables to make the base broth, and a lean piece of meat or a good fish, they provide energy and micronutrients in optimal quantities.

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