When the student falls in love with the teacher

When the student falls in love with the teacher

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Is it normal for the student to fall in love with the teacher? What do I have to do about it? Surely at one time or another this has happened to us with one of our children: they see their teacher at school and their faces light up. They only talk about her or him, how good or good it is, they make drawings and all kinds of gifts.

That children admire their teachers is normal, as it is also normal for them to "fall in love" with them, although this infatuation is not like that of the adult, it does not have the same connotations, (therefore we adults should not give them either).

In Early Childhood education, (between 3 and 6 years old), the teachers are like their parents but at school. They take care of them and pamper them, praise them when they do something well, motivate and reward them, and the little ones enjoy this approval and the attention they give them. It is not unusual then that they are attracted to them, have them draw pictures of them, claim their attention or talk about them continuously.

But this attraction or this infatuation it is a naive feeling, without the sexual component that it has for adults. They may fall in love with their teacher or professor as well as with an adult with whom they have a relationship, (a relative or a friend or friend of the parents) even with their parents, which is something that is normal in certain stages of development.

This feeling is fundamentally characterized by admiration and respect for adults and we can take it with a trait of emotional health in children and with a good development of affectivity in them.

Throughout primary education, the same thing can happen to the child, showing admiration or attraction for a certain teacher, but it would not have the connotations of falling in love for adults, it is something more platonic. They tend to be attracted to adults who pay attention and value them or who have certain virtues and qualities that they value, (sincerity, intelligence, joy, etc ...)

It is important that, in the first place, we are not alarmed. This feeling in young children is normal and lacks the sexual charge or connotations that adults can give to a "crush", it is something platonic and therefore innocent.

On the other hand, we should not relativize these feelings in children, or make fun of them or downplay them, much less scold them. Children in these ages need our approval and they need to know that they do things well, if we laugh at what they feel or downplay it, we close the door to tell us more about what they feel or how they feel.

Nor should it be something that we tell other adults, and less in front of the child, we could make him feel ashamed and caring for other people is not something to be ashamed of.

On the other hand, if we scold them for "feeling" something towards their teacher, they can identify the emotions as something negative, which must be hidden because "it is not right" and we can create in them a feeling of guilt and insecurity towards what they feel.

Can make them see that it is normal for them to love their teacher, because they behave well with them, they take care of them and teach them things, and that is why they feel something special. We can convey that they can reciprocate the teachers by behaving well in class and respecting them, and that this is the best way to show affection towards them. In this way we also teach them that you have to take care of and treat others well.

Surely your teacher or teacher already knows, and it will be something that even makes them funny and they find it beautiful. Like parents, teachers shouldn't make it more important than it is, and they shouldn't "hold back" those feelings in children.

In principle, it is not usually a problem that children "fall in love" with their teachers, but they must be taught to respect the other and to adequately show affection towards the other. If we see that the child becomes "obsessed" with the adult, (it does not usually happen) then we would have to talk to our son and explain that what he feels is very nice, but that he also has to focus on children his age, and show affection and love towards other people.

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