The right of children to receive special care

The right of children to receive special care

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One of the rights included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the children's right to special care.

All children have the right to receive special care, treatment and special education, when their particular condition and situation requires it. All children with a physical or mental disability or difficulty should receive specialized care.

There are children whose development is not done in the way it should. Sometimes you are deficiencies can be identified from an early age, but other times they can appear over time, but once the children have been diagnosed they should become part of a program that helps their physical and intellectual development.

These children are very vulnerable and more susceptible to becoming victims of society, for example being discriminated against, but there are programs that guarantee the right to receive special care.

Each government has a regulation and has aid programs different for different cases, that is why it is not the same to have a disability in one country as in another, something that through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we fight to eradicate because a child with problems has the same right to receive special attention regardless of where you are on the planet.

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