Ideas for homemade Christmas accessories for children

Ideas for homemade Christmas accessories for children

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Christmas in family. Christmas parties with children

Quick and easy Christmas crafts for kids


We show you how to make a simple costume of one of the most popular characters of winter: the snowman. You won't need much, a white t-shirt and orange and black felt.

This reindeer makeup is more elaborate than the one we have prepared, but we are sure that you just have to add a little patience and creativity. Here we show you how to do a simpler reindeer makeup.

What does it really look like? Well, you will be amazed at what easy which is to make a Santa Claus costume in a few minutes. You just need a red shirt and a little imagination and you will turn your children into authentic Santa Claus. Now they just need to distribute gifts ...

Simple and practical. The Santa hat made with a little felt and a white pompom is the undisputable king of the Christmas. Prepare the scissors because we assure you that they will ask you every Christmas.

The colored felt It gives a lot of play to make any craft. Here are some ideas for making masks for Christmas. We have made a reindeer one that your children will surely like.

A wizard king crown is a easy craft that you can do with your children in a few minutes. We have decorated ours so that it resembles the one worn by the Magi from the East.

We change the year, so we will have to take the jewelry out of the closet and show it off; That is why we have made a headband for girls with sparkling stars. Take glitter and a golden pipe cleaner and in 10 minutes you will have an original complement of New Years Eve.