The Jack O'Lantern Tale for Kids

The Jack O'Lantern Tale for Kids

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In we tell you the legend of Jack o'lantern, that is to say Jack the lantern. A short scary story that explains why pumpkins are used as lanterns on Halloween night. Learn about the origin and history of the Halloween pumpkin. How it arose and how it became the symbol of the Halloween parties. Why is the pumpkin the central character, the most traditional character in the scariest party of the year.

Once upon a time, many years ago, on a distant Halloween night, an Irish rogue with a reputation for being a brawler named Jack had the misfortune to meet the devil in a tavern. Jack, to prevent the devil from taking him, tricked him by offering him his soul in exchange for one last drink.

It was then that the devil was transformed into a coin so that Jack could pay the waiter. But Jack, who was also somewhat stingy, quickly took it and put it in a purse that had a cross engraved on it, and so it was the devil could not return to his original form. Jack wouldn't let him get away until he promised not to ask for his soul in ten years. The devil had no choice but to grant his claim.

At the end of the ten years, Jack met the devil in the field. The devil was prepared to take his soul but Jack thought very fast and said:

- I will go willingly, but before I do, would you bring me the apple that is on that tree please?

The devil thought he had nothing to lose, and in one leap he reached the top of the tree. But before he knew it, Jack quickly carved a cross into the log. Then the devil could not come down and he forced him to promise that he would never ask for his soul again.

The devil had no choice but to accept.

Jack died a few years later, but could not enter heaven, because during his life he had been a swindler and a brawler. But when he tried to enter hell, the devil had to send him back, well I couldn't take her soul since I had promised.

- Where will I go now? Asked Jack,

And the devil answered him

- Go back the way you came.

The way back was dark and the terrible wind prevented him from seeing anything. The devil threw Jack a burning coal straight from hell, to guide him in the dark, and Jack put it in a pumpkin he carried with him, so that it does not go out with the wind. And so it was that Jack O'Lantern was condemned to wander between heaven and hell carrying a pumpkin as a lantern. And this is the legend of Jack the Lantern.


1. Who was Jack?

2. Why was the devil looking for Jack?

3. How did Jack catch the devil?

4. What promise did the devil make to Jack in exchange for his freedom?

5. What happened when Jack died?

6. Why did Jack want a pumpkin?

7. Did you like this story or would you change something?

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