Children's right to health

Children's right to health

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The right to health in children is one of the fundamental rights of children to which any child should have access, regardless of the country in which they reside. A right linked to the right to life, food, housing, work, education, human dignity or equality.

Being healthy does not mean not being sick, but rather it is a compendium between physical, mental and social well-being, especially in children, who are more vulnerable to diseases. Children should enjoy the social security benefits, and have the right to grow and develop in good health. To this end, special care, including prenatal and postnatal care, should be provided to both children and their mothers.

Nutrition and drinking water are two basic problems to be eradicated in children's health. A right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which invites the different governments to reduce infant mortality and improve medical care, in order to fight against diseases, nutritional problems or children with special needs to satisfy.

Some governments, along with many NGOs, work and spend a lot of money on care programs and childhood development, including health care, training professionals and improving medical facilities, but still the sacrifice should be even greater, as long as there is a single child without the right to health, any amount invested falls short.

Children's right to health includes somestrategies carried out to try to comply with this right, are very varied. On the one hand, in many countries, families are supported so that they can give their children adequate food at school age. Initiatives for the prevention and fight disease avoidable in the infantile period. It works so that children have access to basic primary care, as well as social services, something that should be basic in all countries.

Things as basic and apparently as simple as the right to drinking waterBoth for their consumption and for their use in hygiene matters, they would end up with a high percentage of infant mortality. Therefore prevention is a fundamental weapon in the right to health for children.

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