What to do for the baby to have happy dreams

What to do for the baby to have happy dreams

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During the first year of a baby's life, anything can disturb your sleep. Your baby may have trouble sleeping when he has snot, when his first tooth comes out, when he starts to go to daycare, or when he begins to crawl. It is a stage in which the changes they experience can leave them sleepless from night to night, and their parents too, of course.

In we tell you what to do so that the baby has happy dreams.

In the first year it is very normal for these changes to exist and alter the baby's sleep. There's not much to do. I believe that the only thing that is in our hands is to try to encourage him, to assist him when he is ill, and help you fall asleep with a song, a massage, a relaxing bath, and lots of love.

But what if after the baby starts to walk, he still doesn't shut his eye all night? Sorry but i think there are no magic formulas to get a baby to sleep. As I always say and repeat, each baby is unique and unrepeatable, and what is good for one may not be good for others.

I've already heard everything to put a baby to sleep. The techniques that some parents use sometimes work, and sometimes they don't. There is everything from parents who carry your baby to the car at night and they go round and round until the baby falls asleep, even those who prefer to go down with the baby in the chair and go around the apple until the little one is 'fried'.

Other parents choose to hold the baby in their arms, rock him while singing a lullaby, and then put him in the crib; while others still prefer, for comfort, to take the baby to sleep in their bed. If they notice that the baby does not sleep because he has some fear, and they do not want the baby to get used to sleeping in their bed, parents prefer to bring the crib or just the baby's mattress to their room.

When a baby does not sleep well, the life of the whole family is disturbed. That is why it is not surprising that parents invent anything to make you sleep. I have heard that many parents they decide to 'tire' the baby. That is to say, in the late afternoon, they walk with their baby, play jumping, dancing, as long as the little one moves and at bedtime he 'falls' exhausted. Others believe that it is best to put something more relaxed and boring. They put it in front of the television and there it stays until they 'hit the eyes'.

When the baby is 2 years old, another idea is change him from the crib to the bed. Some parents take advantage of this change to convince their child that he will already sleep in a room for 'seniors' and that, therefore, he must sleep alone. Many times that works.

And when none of that fixes the problem, there are parents who turn to homeopathy and infusions to make the baby relax. In this case, I think they should consult the child's doctor first. As for the techniques, I do not suggest you adopt them, much less the idea of ​​the photo with which I illustrate this article, but I find it interesting and curious that we share them.

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