Heading to Algodor. Funny poems for kids

Heading to Algodor. Funny poems for kids

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We suggest you enjoy a time reading poems with your children. With poetry like this one that we present to you on our site we can make our children understand that poetry is fun and enjoyable.

Rumbo a Algodor tells a very funny story in verse that will put a smile on our children's faces. And is that, funny children's poems are a great vehicle for fostering children's love of poetry.

A cow was wailing

climb in a car,

the bed was made there

and spent the night.

I moaned so loud

that a kitten meowed,

and he got into the car

making a jump.

A dog came up

a beaver rode,

At the same place

than the driver's.

And cow, kitty,

dog and beaver,

they undertook trip

heading to Algodor.

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