Safe breastfeeding for the baby

Safe breastfeeding for the baby

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Right now there is a terrible wave of risks around children. Risk of drowning in swimming pools, of having an accident on the road, of dying of heat stroke, of so many things.

As we can see, all of them depend directly and only from the care that their parents have or the person who takes care of them, with them. Risks also reside when a mother breastfeeds her baby. No one doubts the importance and value of breast milk for the baby, but some cases make us think more about it.

A mother drug addict or HIV positive can you breastfeed your baby? Breastfeeding without risks for the baby.

Facts and science say no. Recently, in Barcelona, ​​a one and a half month old baby was admitted to a hospital emergency room for cocaine intoxication, detected in a urinalysis. The cause was, apparently, the ingestion of milk from the breast of his mother, addicted to the drug. The mother took her to the hospital at dawn, because the little girl was very nervous, she would not stop crying and she could not sleep. Fortunately, the girl has survived, and until the contrary is ruled, she will stay with a foster family.

Breastfeeding can have risks for the baby in some cases. Apart from drugs, the HIV can also be transmitted to the baby during breastfeeding. There is a 20 to 30% probability of infection, which can be reduced by 70% with a AZT therapy. Ideally, the woman, once pregnant, takes the AIDS test in the first pregnancy control, so that it is adopted Prevention and treatment measures, with more time.

For one reason or another, breastfeeding should also be monitored to avoid risks of the baby becoming infected. In this way, the message that the World Breastfeeding Week, with a celebration scheduled for the first week of August, has especially for this year: Supporting the mother… We all win!

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