The root of jealousy in childhood

The root of jealousy in childhood

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All people have felt jealousy to a greater or lesser degree at some point in their life. Jealousy is a natural feeling that in small doses can be considered normal.

However, jealousy becomes a problem when it becomes frequent, intense and exaggerated. Appearing for no apparent reason and causing the person who feels them to lose control. We tell you what is the root of jealousy in childhood ... what can cause jealousy in a child?

What is the root of jealousy in childhood

- Early childhood dependency: During early childhood we are totally dependent on the people who take care of us and constantly meet our basic needs. It is with this relationship that the feeling of attachment arises. The fear of the little ones of losing this relationship with their caregiver is what causes anxiety and feelings of jealousy to flare up naturally.

Thus, the little ones can feel jealous towards everything that can leave them without being the center of attention of their attachment figure. Like for example, a newborn brother. In addition, children can feel jealous towards a father or mother who deprives him of the attention of the other parent, it is the Oedipus or Electra complex. It appears between the ages of three and seven. It is a normal stage in development where children are attracted to one of their parents and begin to experience an unconscious rejection of the other. Over time this trend disappears.

- Insecurity and low self-esteem: The environment that children live at home is the main factor that influences self-esteem and on which children build their personality. Therefore, it is important that children feel affection and that they are valued for their qualities. It is also important that they feel supported when something goes wrong. Jealousy is the projection of the fears and insecurities that we have inside. Thus, if the environment that surrounds the child does everything possible to make him feel safe, this cause can be nipped in the bud.

- Overprotection: When children are overprotected by their parents, they do not have the opportunity to develop their capacities, nor to acquire the necessary tools to solve problems. This brings with it several consequences such as: the lack of autonomy and dependence of the child. Depending on the child's particularities, it can make the child become manipulative, self-centered, or indifferent to the needs of other people. All these characteristics will define the child's personality towards an adult unable to control his jealousy.

- Family experiences: Children who have witnessed scenes of jealousy between their parents or abandonment by one of their parents are likely to be more prone to being jealous than other children whose parents have a stable relationship.

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