Australian parents from different cultures: videos

Australian parents from different cultures: videos

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Different cultures: play and learning

In this short video, mums from diverse cultural backgrounds talk about play and learning for babies and young children. Playing games, reading books and singing songs helps your child learn and grow. It's also a fun way to spend time together. These mums read and sing songs in their first language, and also in English.

Different cultures: connecting and communicating

This short video shows mums from diverse cultural backgrounds talking about communicating with babies and toddlers. They say they talk a lot, get down on their children's level, make eye contact and smile. This encourages children to talk, learn and develop. Listen to what your child is saying, repeat things back and help your child with words if you need to.

Parenting in a new country

In this short video, migrant worker Halime Duzen talks about the challenges young parents face in a new country. Some mums share experiences of migrating to Australia and starting a family. They talk about feeling isolated and struggling with the language barrier. They also say you can get involved in the community by contacting your local council or library to find out about services and activities.

Bilingualism: speaking two languages at home

In this short video, migrant worker Halime Duzen and parents from different cultures talk about bilingualism and speaking two languages. They say learning English is important, but it's also good to keep speaking your family's first language at home. It helps children stay connected to their community and talk to their relatives.