25 typical phrases of a Mexican mother

25 typical phrases of a Mexican mother

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If there is something that distinguishes a Mexican mother, it is that set of "famous, folkloric phrases" used, yes let's accept it, mostly to scold or order something. Apparently his wise knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation; phrases with a lot of humor, sarcasm and a pinch of irony that take us back to childhood.

Who said that educating is an easy task? Without a doubt, Mexican mothers have known how to do it and very well! On this occasion we have made a list of typical phrases of a Mexican mother, a small tribute to those wonderful beings who have taught great life lessons with their particular humor, because in the end there is only one mother!

1- Because I'm your mother, period! There is no room to argue or "repel", you shut up and that's it.

2- So if your friends jump off a bridge, do you too? To promote autonomy and not walk around like a sheep.

3- What do you think I was born yesterday? It hints at his full knowledge of your actions.

4- And if I find it, what do I do to you? Be careful not to search well that if she finds it, why do I tell you ...

5- This is not a hotel. To remind you that you cannot arrive at the time that you feel like scumbag.

6- Do you think I suck my finger? Your mother knows you and knows that you are lying, it is another of the typical phrases of a Mexican mother.

7- I'm going to wash your mouth with soap. Typical threat for swearing.

8- Don't you have a home? To promote coexistence at home.

9- What, do you send yourself alone? In this house you don't do what you want, mijito.

10- You will already have your children. When you are a parent you will see what is good!

11- Don't roll your eyes at me. Don't you dare, it's the worst offense.

12- Are you telling me or are you asking my permission? It's a trick question.

13- As long as you live in this house, you do what I tell you. When you have your house you can do whatever you want, now you follow the rules because you follow them.

14- It is not said what, it is said send. Good manners first of all!

15- What your friends don't want at home? Translation: tell your friends to go away, they've been fucking for a long time.

16- You have me with Jesus in my mouth. You have not shown any signs of life, which causes your mother to invoke Jesus.

17- As soon as we get to the house, you will see. The one that awaits you!

18- You are going to make me green gray. Be good, you're breaking his patience.

19- Do what you want! It means totally the opposite.

20- Am I painted or what? Don't ignore her that mom gets angry.

21- What do you think I am your maid? Pick up your things and clean, there is no other way.

22- One day you are going to kill me out of courage. You're going out of line.

23- What does it cost you to notify? That's what the phone is for.

24- Do you want me to give you a reason to cry? Do not pretend that it is not so bad.

25- And my kiss? But yes, the love they give us is never lacking.

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