Family tree made of eva rubber for children. Children's craft

Family tree made of eva rubber for children. Children's craft

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The family tree gives children the opportunity to learn more about their past, helps them understand their family structure, be proud of their heritage, and encourage their sense of belonging. shows you how to do an eva rubber family tree for children, a children's craft very easy to do and it will also provide the little ones with a different way of learning more about their roots.

While you carry out this project with them, You can tell them stories about their family, their grandparents, or interesting anecdotes that allow your children to enjoy quality family time. Here are the steps to follow to make this fun craft!


  • Black and white eva rubber
  • Green, orange and blue adhesive eva rubber
  • Small wooden clothespins
  • A pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • A cord
  • A folder

1. To start, take your green eva eraser and draw the top of a tree with your pencil. Since you have the ideal shape of your tree, trace it again but now with a black marker. Cut the top off the tree with your scissors.

2.Then take your orange eva eraser and place the figure you just cut on it. Mark the trunk of your tree on the orange foam and then cut it out.

3. Place the two pieces that make up the tree in the middle of your blue eva. Then with a ruler and a pencil, draw a line right down the middle of your figure. Use this guideline to cut the tree in half with your scissors.

4. The next step is to remove the adhesive from both the trunk and the crown of the tree. Glue on one side half of the trunk and half of the cup on the blue foam rubber. Repeat this same step on the opposite side. Thus we will create 2 small trees, one on each side.

5. Then place the rope in the middle of the trees and take it from one end to the other, simulating a straight line. Cut your rope about two centimeters before you get out of the rubber foam (remember to leave two centimeters on both sides). Repeat this step 2 more times to get 3 pieces of string.

6. Using a hot glue gun, stick one of the ropes at the top of the tree canopy, another at the base of the canopy and one last at the height of the trunks.

7. Take the black foam rubber and draw the silhouette of a bird with a white marker, then cut it out. Repeat this same step to make 6 more birds.

8. Take your little birds and stick them with the hot silicone just above the ropes. On the top string, place four, that is, a couple of birds on each side, on the second string, place a bird on one side and one more on the opposite side, on the third string, place a bird right in the middle.

9. Now take your white foam rubber and cut out 6 squares. In one of the boxes write with black marker, the name of one of the members of your family. Repeat this step until you have written the names of your 4 grandparents, your parents and yours.

10. The last step is to place each of the names below the birds. To do this, place the square with the name on the rope and then hold it with one of the wooden pegs. To save your family tree, take your folder and place your project inside, so you will keep it in good condition. And voila, you have a family tree of rubber evar for children super cute. You like?