Lice on children's eyelashes

Lice on children's eyelashes

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For the child to have lice throughout the school stage is very normal. It is an infestation that occurs more in childhood because the contact that occurs between children is much closer.

Lendreras and other products to kill nits and lice are common in homes where there are children to eliminate these parasites from the heads of our children but, Did you know that lice can also be on children's eyelashes?

As strange as it may sound, eyelashes are also a terrain in which lice can find themselves at ease and lay their eggs. They are generally found on the scalp, where they feed on the host's blood. Nevertheless, eyebrows and eyelashes can harbor these pesky parasites, after all, they are hair follicles.

Moreover, it is very normal that, if we find lice on the eyelashes of children, they also have them on the scalp, so it is important when removing them to do a complete review to avoid a new infestation.

- The most obvious symptom is itchy eyes, especially on the eyelid.

- Red spots on the eyelids caused by lice bites.

- Red eyes.

- Tearing.

- The bites can cause infection so the child could suffer from conjunctivitis.

Sometimes a simple scan can detect them, you can see the eggs attached to the eyelashes and even the lice. At other times we will only detect the red dots produced by the pecks and it will be necessary for the doctor to detect them through an optical microscope.

In order to eliminate the lice, manual extraction is necessary with fine tweezers, taking great care not to leave any nits. Eyelash waxing is not recommended due to the pain of the procedure.

The use of shampoos or lotions against hair pediculosis is not recommended, so it is convenient to go to the doctor so that he can prescribe some treatment that can kill them.

Of course, another measure to get rid of lice is to wash pillowcases, sheets, towels and other items that have had contact with the child.

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