Children who want to eat at all hours

Children who want to eat at all hours

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Children have a very good idea of ​​what they really need to eat and how much they need to eat. The first year of the child needs a large amount of calories due to its rapid growth, but as it gets older they do not grow as fast so the nutritional needs vary.

However parents can face children who want to eat at all hours. On our site we tell you how we can face a gluttonous child.

- Stress situation: many times children start eating at all hours when they are going through a stressful situation such as moving, starting school, divorce or conflictive family situations; take into account the situation in which the child is and take action, what he really needs is probably affection, more attention and more security and trust in the family nucleus.

- Daily meals: observe how much the child eats at each meal, sometimes it happens that the child does not eat anything at the main meals but then snacks throughout the day.

- Feeling of appetite: take into account what the child asks for between meals, whether they are healthy foods (fruits, nuts) or unhealthy foods (sweets, chocolates, cookies), the latter are consumed to satisfy the sensation of appetite that has nothing to do with the feeling of hunger.

- Parental habits: many times the parents themselves snack throughout the day or eat anxiously or very quickly at meals, therefore the child tends to replicate these habits.

- Education of eating habits to parents: order and plan family meals, types and quantity of food, as well as the way they consume it (anxiously, quickly, standing up, etc.)

- Respect the hunger and satiety of the child, do not force to eat, or threaten the child with future consequences, respect the amount of food that the child wishes to consume and at the time he wishes.

- Every time the child is hungry,always offer a healthy food.

- Stipulate meal times, and let the child play, read or do some interesting activity the rest of the time; It is important to observe that the child does not eat out of boredom or stress, to teach that food does not serve to calm any type of emotion, it only has the purpose of nourishing, disconnecting the emotion with the food.

- Child growth: it is important to take into account the growth and development of the child, if he is overweight, it will be necessary to order the type and amount of food he eats, in case of having a normal weight and the food choices are always healthy, there will not be much to worry about.

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