Why giving birth to girls hurts less

Why giving birth to girls hurts less

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Do you remember the time of delivery? In most cases, this feeling is a mixture of pain, stress, fear, and finally, joy. But ... if you've had a boy and a girl, do you remember if it was different? According to scientists from the University and the Clinical Hospital of San Cecilio de Granada, giving birth to girls hurts less than giving birth to a boy.

According to the results of these investigations (published in the journal Pediatric Research), women cope with the pain process much better from the beginning. That is their tolerance level to pain and stress is higher than that of men.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the experience of 56 pregnant women who were going to give birth at the Hospital Clínico de Granada. 27 of them had boys and 29 had girls. Blood samples were collected from pregnant women at the beginning of the delivery process and during delivery. Mothers who had girls had higher levels of antioxidant defenses and a less inflammation process in labor.

After delivery, the researchers also analyzed the umbilical cord blood of the newborns. They found more antioxidant components in the girls' samples. They found that girls have a more mature enzyme system than boys, which makes that they cope better at the time of delivery and makes them stronger before the first problems that may arise in the first days of life. Hence, life expectancy in newborns is higher than in newborns.

In any case, each person resists pain in a different way. Pain threshold varies greatly depending on the pregnant woman. Even so, each phase of labor usually concentrates the pain in a specific area.

1. The first contractions: The pain of the first contractions begins to be felt in the back and lower back. It is regular and intensifies as time passes. It is the phase of dilation, opening of the cervix. The pain from this process radiates to the lower back. Faced with this pain, it is best to massage the back and side area.

2. More frequent contractions: When the dilation reaches its epicenter, the pain moves to the belly area, at the level of the pelvis. The pain becomes more acute. This is so because uterine contractions intensify. The pain comes and goes, it becomes unbearable but it also leaves a moment of 'calm'.

3. During the expulsion: The pain is concentrated in the sacral area, the pubis, anal sphincter and thighs.

4. After delivery: Once the delivery is over, the pain stops. However, afterwards, a series of contractions may appear again, called 'wrongs'. It is due to the contraction of the uterus to prevent bleeding. These are stabbing pains, similar to heavy menstruation.

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