The sun and the frogs. Children's Fable by Jean de La Fontaine

The sun and the frogs. Children's Fable by Jean de La Fontaine

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Jean de La Fontaine was a French writer who dedicated himself to writing various stories and stories that gained worldwide recognition. His work has transcended through the years and is a leading fabulist in the field of children's literature.

The sun and the frogs is a classic children's fable written by this literary author that tells us how selfishness never brings us anything good. Some selfish frogs are the protagonists of this story that without a doubt, will give children a valuable lesson, fostered in them the value of solidarity and humility.

The Ranas decided to hold a council. They were very scared.

The Sun had said it was going to change its course. That it would only heat the Earth for six months out of the year; the others would be dark and cold.

-What will become of us? They argued in dismay, the ponds and rivers will dry up ... We will not be able to lie down on our stomachs to warm ourselves, the insects that feed us will disappear. That's not fair! We have to seriously protest!

They raised their cries, and then a voice answered them:

-Just for you, for your well-being, do you want the Sun to continue to shine and warm the earth all year long?

-And why do we have to wish it for someone else? they answered in surprise.

Moral: with selfishness we will not achieve our objectives.

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