Athletics for kids

Athletics for kids

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Athletics is a sport that encompasses a series of activities that are carried out both outdoors and on the indoor track. The athletics categories are several: races, throws, jumps, combined events, walking and marathon.

It is one of the few sports that is practiced around the world and whose origins go back to ancient civilizations. At the Olympic Games that are held every four years, athletics is one of the most important disciplines.

What kid doesn't like to jump or run? Athletics brings together the main qualities for the enjoyment of the little ones. It is a sport within the reach of children, which does not need large economic or logistical deployments to be practiced since in almost all cities there are athletic clubs. And in addition, it is a valid sport for both boys and girls, therefore equality between the sexes is promoted.

The sport of athletics is not practiced in the same way in children as in adults, although the technique is the same, there are differences based on the age of the child. There are, therefore, different age categoriesIn such a way that the little ones compete in speed disciplines with shorter distances, in the jumps the hurdles have smaller dimensions or in the case of the throws, the elements have a lower weight.

It is not necessary to be very tall, as in basketball, or very short as in motorcycles or horse riding, it is enough that the child wants to participate. The monitor will detect, according to the child's qualities, the skill in which he stands out. And it is that athletics is such a varied sport that surely the child will find a discipline adapted to him: hurdle jumps, long jump, races, throwing, etc.

Athletics entails physical benefits for the child. It is a sport in which strength is developed in the lower extremities, physical resistance is gained and speed is achieved. Also, running improves lung capacity. In children it has been found to be effective as a stimulant of growth hormones and muscle development.

In addition to the physical advantages, athletics in children has other psychological ones: helps to distract from any issues that may concern themThey gain confidence, have more self-control, greater emotional stability and there are even studies that show that children who play sports perform better in school.

Some parents are concerned that competition can put extra pressure on the child. In most cases the championships are held within the school itself or even between schools. These are small championships in which the child will have to compete and sometimes fail, but this too is part of the education of the little ones and it will help them to forge their personality.

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