Sleeping in parent's bed beyond infant stage

Sleeping in parent's bed beyond infant stage

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Co-sleeping or sleeping with the baby in the same bed is a practice that is surrounded by controversy. There are opinions for and against it but, What happens when children want to sleep in their parents' bed beyond the infant stage?

On our site we deal with an issue that affects many parents: the co-sleeping of children who are no longer babies and who want to sleep in their parents' bed every night.

Sleeping well is essential to enjoy optimal performance during the day and a good quality of life. If a child has a shallow and interrupted sleep, he will wake up feeling that he has not rested during the night, his mood will be affected, his performance will be diminished and he will be drowsy the next day.

Get the necessary hours of sleep and having a quality sleep has a positive impact on the development of the child. Therefore, it is important to favor all those conditions that allow children to sleep deeply and without interruptions during the night.

We must ensure that the child's room has an adequate temperature, that it is not noisy, that there are no lights on, that electronic devices (TV, computers, mobile phones, tablets ...) are turned off at night and that the bed has a comfortable mattress.

Is sleeping with the children in the same bed a good idea? DO NOT! This practice is known under the term "co-sleeping" and is not without controversy, since there are many people who position themselves in favor and many others who position themselves against.

Some professionals affirm that children from 3 months of age should sleep alone, others point out that they should stop sharing a bed with their parents after 6 months, others say that the ideal is from 3 years and others They even affirm that it is only after the age of 5 that the child should begin to sleep in a bed other than that of his parents. Although the controversy continues, it seems that lProfessionals agree that a child should sleep alone before starting primary education, that is, at 5 or 6 years of age.

Many parents sleep with their children so that they are not afraid at night, to feel more secure or simply because since they were born they have acquired the habit of sleeping together in the same bed. Nevertheless:

- This practice interferes with the quality of the child's sleep so it is not recommended.

- No enhances the autonomy and independence of the child If not the opposite. As parents, we have an obligation to raise responsible, self-sufficient, and independent children, and sleeping with our children makes it difficult for them to be.

- It encourages children to acquire fear and show a behavior of dependence towards their parents.

- If children sleep in bed with their parents, it is possible that your sleep is interrupted at various times during the night due to the movements that parents make in bed, snoring, coughing, heat, discomfort, etc. Be careful !, a shallow sleep with continuous interruptions can lead to the child developing sleep problems such as insomnia.

We have to ensure that they are autonomous. Just as we teach them to eat, tie the shoelaces or take care of their body hygiene by themselves, it is very important to teach them to sleep alone without needing the accompaniment or protection of an adult.

Sleeping alone has a positive impact on your self-esteem. On the other hand, if the child is afraid, we must teach him to face and manage his fears but not encourage him to avoid them by sleeping in our bed. We have to help them internalize the message of “I am able to sleep alone” and weaken the message of “I need my mom or I need my dad to be able to sleep”.

Therefore, we must help our child to carry a adequate sleep hygiene that allows you to have a quality sleep and enjoy a great rest at night.

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