Taking care of children is much more exhausting than work

Taking care of children is much more exhausting than work

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Parents do not need any study to confirm this, and yet several investigations corroborate this eternal complaint: childcare is much more exhausting than work.

We parents suffer from many of these symptoms: physical and emotional exhaustion, lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, dejection, frustration ... and it is not an exaggeration!

I have lived through times of exhausting work, days in which I began at 9 in the morning and ended at 3 in the morning, to return to my position at 9 in the morning. Eternal days in which the clock seemed to advance revolutionized while the work continued on the table. And yet I have never been as tired as when I became a mother.

The days are not 8 hours, not even 16, parent days last 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Without a vacation day there are no rest days, bridges or holidays. It is comforting work, hard and difficult at times, comforting and meaningful all the time.

A study conducted by the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium revealed that Taking care of children leaves parents more tired than doing high-impact physical exercise. The study analyzed 2000 parents, the result was that:

- 1 in 10 parents affirmed that caring for children generates physical and emotional exhaustion.

- 13% of those surveyed suffered the classic symptoms of exhaustion.

- 12.9% of mothers stated that taking care of children is much more exhausting than work, compared to 11.6% of fathers.

This is not the only study in this regard, the Pew Studies Center Analysis obtained the same results. 12% of those surveyed stated that caring for and educating children is a very strenuous activity, while paid work is only for 5% of those surveyed. However, despite tiredness, fatigue and lack of sleep, it is an activity that makes sense for 62%, while work is only so for 36%.

Stress accompanies us for a large part of our lives, especially in our lives as parents. That physical and mental exhaustion, that feeling of not being able to do it anymore and, nevertheless, keep getting up every day to put all the energy we have into taking care of our children may be less ... yes, yes ... We can live motherhood and fatherhood without that feeling of running a marathon, for this we need to put into practice these homemade tricks:

- Take breaths: deep, relaxed breaths fight stress and lower your heart rate.

- Music: music therapy works since it manages to relax us and lower blood pressure.

- Time out: give us a week without children, no matter how small, to go for a walk, have a coffee with a friend and laugh, go to the movies or Pilates classes.

- Massages: stress and physical exhaustion have an impact on the muscles, which become stiff and we end up suffering contractures, low back pain or neck pain. Giving yourself a massage both therapeutic and relaxing from time to time will help you release the tension on your muscles.

And, above all, stop beating ourselves up because we don't get to everything, in reality, the important thing is that our children grow up happy, the rest, we can take it into the background.

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