Games for kids afraid of the dark

Games for kids afraid of the dark

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There are many children who go through a stage in which they are afraid of the dark, there are even children in whom this stage is prolonged. The solution is not to sleep with the light on, but for the child to understand that there is no problem in being with the light off.

Some people continue to educate their children under the motto ‘the letter with blood enters’, something that can be detrimental to the development of the child and in how they face their fears. Therefore, never force your child to be in a dark place if he does not want to, the only thing that will be achieved is the opposite effect, making his fear of the dark even greater. Pejorative expressions such as 'you're scared' or 'you're a fool, smart kids aren't afraid of the dark' should also not be used.

The best therapy solution to lose the fear of the dark is games. We propose 7 games for children to overcome their fears of being in the dark.

1. The blind chicken: Blind chicken is the most popular game in the fight against fear of the dark. In the first instance it must be the parents who, always with the light on, but with their eyes covered, try to find their children by feeling around the room until they find them. This will amuse them and help the children not be afraid of losing their vision when the roles are exchanged and it is they who have to look for their parents blindfolded.

2. Gift in the dark: This game is about helping children with fear of the dark. The rules of the game are very simple, light off and wrapping paper with something fluorescent. The child must search in the dark around the room with the incentive of finding a new gift and thus forgetting his fear of being in the dark. We can repeat the game as many times as we want, that is if increasing the level of difficulty so that the time in the dark is increasing.

3. The sounds: In a relaxed environment and with the light off, we will take the opportunity to capture the child's attention with sounds of animals or other things that he or she will have to guess and vice versa.

4. Sleeping Beauty: The child must act in the role of sleeping beauty and the parents in the role of prince charming. To do this, the child will lie down in bed with the light off and pretend to be asleep, that is when the father or mother will enter the room to kiss him and wake him up. A routine should be created in which the time between turning off the light and waking up is increasing.

5. The piñata: Who has not ever played the piñata? A fun game that is often played at birthday parties, but it works perfectly to help children overcome their fear of the dark. It involves hanging a ceramic container full of goodies and surprises so that the child, blindfolded and with a bat, hits until he manages to break the container and can collect the surprises.

6. Pin the tail on the donkey: The first thing to do is draw a donkey (without glue) on a piece of paper and attach it to a wall using adhesive tape or a thumbtack. Next, you have to draw the donkey's tail on another paper, cut it out and put a thumbtack on top. Then we will blindfold the child and spin it around. Using clues and instructions, the child must place the donkey's tail in the correct place.

7. Chinese shadows: The game must be carried out with the light off using a candle or dim light, which will help us to project on the wall the silhouette of people, animals, etc., that the child must guess.

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