Childish story. Two inseparable friends

Childish story. Two inseparable friends

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A fox and a bear star in this beautiful story to educate children in values. The story 'Two inseparable friends'tells the adventures of a bear and a fox that do not separate. Talk about the value of friendship and respect between two people. Very suitable for teaching children what it is and how to feed a friendship.

It is a wonderful place. I love waking up and hearing the birds sing, said Peter.

It fascinates me to smell the perfume of flowers and the wind blowing in my face, Lowin said.

So began every spring morning for Lowin the bear and Peter the fox. Both of them stretched out on the abundant green grass to discover the funny shapes that are made with clouds.

From a very young age, Lowin and Peter have been friends. They met on a sunny and colorful spring day. The cunning Peter hunted insects among the flowers, while Lowin ate plants very close to where the fox was.

Suddenly, Peter discovered a butterfly and was determined to catch it. He got into the attack position and when he jumped to grab her, he collided with Lowin.

- Auchhhhh, what are you doing? You hurt me - said the bear.

- Excuse me, it was not my intention, I was trying to capture a butterfly, but the very clever one escaped me - Peter replied.

- Ahhhhhh, well no problem. My name is Lowin and what is your name?

- Peter, but do you live on this mountain? I've never seen you before ...

In this way, a long conversation began between these two cubs, and since then, they are the best friends known by the Pando mountain. Now they are restless teenagers in search of the funniest adventures. One spring day, Peter asked Lowin to start an adventure in Farmer Jorge's chicken coops. Peter loved scaring chickens.

"Okay, I accept," said the bear, "but on one condition.

- Which one? - Asked the fox.

- After playing we go to the lagoon to take a refreshing bath.

- Done deal. Peter immediately began to plan how they would get into the chicken coop. He took a twig and on the ground began to draw a map to explain to Lowin how they would work as a team so as not to let any chickens escape and give them a good scare.

- I am smaller and thinner, I will carefully enter the place where the chickens sleep. And you, as you are older, will stay outside waiting for the chickens to come out. Right at that moment, we started chasing them around the farm, said the fox. The bear nodded and they immediately put their plan into motion.

On the count of three, both Peter and Lowin sprang into action. After a few seconds, the chickens began to come out. Meanwhile, outside the chicken coop was Lowin, waiting to run after the little birds. After a few seconds, the fox and the bear were running from one side to the other, taking care not to let any chickens escape.

They almost accomplished their mission, when suddenly Farmer Jorge surprised them. Jorge, a fat man, tall and a little grumpy, got on his tractor and started chasing Peter and Lowin up the hill. The fox and the bear almost gave up, but after so much running, they found a hiding place. There, they were a few minutes. When they made sure that Jorge had left, they left.

- Peter, your ideas always end up getting us in trouble. We had a good scare.

- Yes, yes, I know. But it was fun, admit it.

- You're right.

These intrepid friends let out a long laugh. On the way to the lagoon, they were already planning the next day's adventure. Peter and Lowin made the most of spring days, their favorite season of the year. And just as they had agreed before starting in the fun chase of the chickens, they went to the lagoon to have a fun and relaxing bath.


(This story was sent to us by an anonymous mother, Venezuela)

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