Chito and Chitón. Children's poem about tolerance

Chito and Chitón. Children's poem about tolerance

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Both stories and poetry, transmit values ​​to children. We can take advantage of both to speak to the little ones about tolerance, friendship, kindness, responsibility, perseverance ...

In this case, the poem 'Chito y Chitón' teaches children the importance of respect for differences. Tolerance is an essential value that we must instill in our children from a young age. 'Chito y Chitón' is a children's poem about the ideal tolerance to talk about this value with children.

On the river bank

two ducklings swim,

a big black one

another white and tiny.

On the river bank

the two play,

the black man is called Chito,

the whitest Chitón.

They stick their heads

in the icy water,

and little drops

they slip through their feathers.

Chito follows Chitón,

Chitón follows Chito,

they always play together

since they were little.

Chito is bigger,

Smaller chiton,

although at the same time

came out of the egg.

None of them

its size matters,

like two brothers.

None of them

its color matters,

they swim in the river

happy both.

These two ducklings

they play fun,

Chito with Chitón

and Chitón with Chito.

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