Math trick to multiply by 11 quickly

Math trick to multiply by 11 quickly

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Would you like to learn a trick to multiply 'upside down' figures by the number 11? We offer you a fascinating trick so that you can teach it to your children. Pay attention to these indications and practice to become more agile in your mental calculation. We explain what is this math trick to multiply by 11 quickly.

This trick is very simple, and will help your child to enhance mental math. As soon as you practice a little, you will do this type of multiplication with great ease. Follow this step by step and you will see the results.

1. The best way to teach this trick is through examples. Suppose we are going to multiply 43 x11. The first thing you have to do is add the numbers in the first digit to each other. In this case, you should mentally add 4 and 3. The result is simple: 7.

2. This number, 7, you insert it between the two numbers of the first digit. If in this case it is 43, the 7 will be in the middle of the 4 and the 3. The result ?: 473.

3. However, This fascinating trick has its limitations: It cannot be used with numbers that add more than 10. It only works for numbers that add less than 10. Look what would happen when multiplying, for example, 78x11. The result with this trick would give us 7158, and it is not correct.

4. Remember that with these tricks, you make math more fun, and you encourage your child to learn mathematics while enhancing the agility of mental calculation.

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