The first fruit porridges

The first fruit porridges

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The baby will reach six months of life and the time has come to introduce fruit porridge into his diet, which represents the supply of natural vitamins, nutrients and fiber necessary for his age. It is an important step for him and for the parents. New aromas and flavors, new textures, new sensations, new tastes, all previously unknown to him.

It is normal for the little one to show a feeling of dislike and rejection at the first spoonful at first. The baby has gone from taking his usual portion of breast milk as the only basis of his diet, to the acidic taste of fruit porridge, and that will not always be easy for the little one to assimilate.

Not surprisingly, parents shouldarm yourself with patience and do not give up. It is recommended never to lose patience, as it can make the little one more nervous.

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All tactic is little so that no spoonful will resist you! Once baby adjusts to the taste, he will love it! Thus, proposes some recipes for the preparation of a delicious fruit porridge:

Ration for 1 baby

  • 100 grs. of Apple
  • 75 grams pear
  • 100 grs. orange juice
  • 75 grams banana

Pre-wash the pieces of fruit before peeling them. Once washed, chop them removing the core. Pass everything through the blender. And then, administer the baby food so as not to lose the vitamin contributions, since the vitamins in the fruit are easily oxidized in contact with air.

You can add 2-3 tablespoons of gluten-free cereals (up to the 6th month) and with gluten (from the 6th month), according to the baby's taste, and according to the guidance of your pediatrician. Later, the pediatrician will advise the introduction of cookies into the porridge, but they should not be added until the doctor recommends it.

This porridge will provide the baby with 160 kilocalories, 2 grams. protein, 1 gr. of fat, 35 grs. of carbohydrates and 6 grs. fiber. It is advisable to choose ripe fruits for better digestion. The fruit can be cooked in boiling water for 1-2 minutes to improve taste in children reluctant to take fruit. The introduction of other fruits is not advisable during the first year of life, as they can cause allergies in babies.

Fruit porridge for babies from 5 or 6 months

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Mandarin, banana and pear porridge. Fruit porridge for babies. Babies also need variety in their diet. For the little ones, prepare this recipe with mandarin, banana and pear porridge. A recipe rich in vitamins, fibers and other nutrients, for an adequate and healthy diet for your baby.

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Porridge for babies from 9 months

Grape, pear and apple porridge. You can prepare this recipe for grape, pear and apple porridge for your baby from nine months of age. With it you will get it to have all the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow. In addition, it is an ideal recipe for constipated babies.

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Apple, pear and watermelon porridge. From eight or nine months we can give the baby this apple, pear and watermelon porridge, perfect for hot days and very complete for feeding. A recipe rich in fiber, vitamins, and that will help hydrate your baby in a healthy and adequate way.

Plum, pear and orange porridge. Babies' diet begins to include crushed fruits and vegetables, with this recipe for plum, pear and orange porridge you will give them a very digestive food. We teach you how to make this porridge, step by step. Recipe very rich in fiber, vitamins ... ideal for constipated babies.

Porridge for babies from 12 months of age

Kiwi, strawberry and banana porridge. Fruit porridges are a necessary supplement in the diet of babies so that they grow up healthy. This kiwi, strawberry and banana porridge, which they can take from one year of age, they will love it. They are also fruits that provide vitamins, fibers and many other nutrients to the health of the baby.

Peach, pear and kiwi porridge. From the year of life, the baby can begin to eat more fruits. With this peach, pear and kiwi porridge you will give it a healthy food full of vitamins. Of course, feeding in the first years of the baby's life should be guided by your pediatrician.

Mango, pear and strawberry porridge. For a snack or lunch, this mango, pear and strawberry porridge will delight children. Suitable for babies from one year of age, to avoid food allergies. On our site we teach you how to make this rich and healthy fruit porridge recipe at home for your baby.

Melon, peach and apple porridge. The recipe for a delicious and homemade melon, peach and apple porridge for your baby. From 12 months you can prepare this recipe full of vitamins for babies. On our site we tell you what ingredients you need and how you can make this recipe.

Cherry, pear and banana porridge. The diet of a baby has to be as varied as possible, so that he does not get bored. With the recipe for cherry, pear and banana porridge your child will eat a food with many vitamins from twelve months of age. We teach you how to prepare the recipe for this fruit puree for your baby.

Grape, pear and apple porridge. In addition, it is an ideal recipe for constipated babies.

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