The suspicious crab. Children's poems with values

The suspicious crab. Children's poems with values

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The distrustful crab is a children's poem with values that will help us to explain to the child that we must value the help that others offer us and trust in the good faith of others.

This children's poem tells the story of a little crab who, despite receiving offers from his friends to help him carry a heavy object, does not give up in trying to do it alone. However, he ends up exhausted, being able to have done the task accompanied and doing half the effort.

Through children's poems with values ​​we can transmit great lessons to our children

Between the sand shone

the little crab saw it,

a pearl earring

with a beautiful color.

Although it weighed a lot

raised it to the shell,

and on the way home

a squirrel scoffed at him.

Shiiss, crab friend,

Do you want me to help you?

we will distribute the weight

We will both carry it.

"No thanks," said the crab.

there is little road »,

but i was so tired

that rested among some pines.

Shiiss, little crab friend,

then a snake spoke to him,

if you need my help

I go immediately.

"No thanks," said the crab.

near its burrow,

but it weighed so much

who rested on the sidewalk.

Shiiss, crab friend,

if you need my help,

the rabbit told him later,

I go to the moment without a doubt.

The distrustful crab,

again he denied again,

and I was when I got home

about to burst.

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