Visit Disneyland Paris with the kids

Visit Disneyland Paris with the kids

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If parents can enjoy the monuments of the city of Paris, our children will undoubtedly choose to spend part of their vacations at Disneylad Paris park, one of the most famous theme parks in the world.

The work of Walt Disney is still present in this immense park where we can ride with the children in various attractions appropriate to their age and see live shows. A place full of magic for children and adults

Disneyland is divided into 5 themed areas, including restaurants, shops and attractions that match the theme and decor of the area

Main Street: or main street, is the entrance to this world, a recreation of a street in an American city of the early twentieth century, with trams and horses and gas lamps.

Frontierland: the land of the frontier, a journey to the world of the wild west of the American frontier, with cowboys, Indians, steamboats and wheels.

Adventureland: the land of adventure, combines the exotic bazaars of the Far East with tropical jungles and a certain flavor of the Caribbean, pirate ships, caves, trees with houses in their glasses ...

Fantasyland: the land of fantasy, with the castle of Sleeping Beauty and all the characters from fairy tales and the fantastic world of Disney, where all adults go back to childhood.

Discoveryland: the land of discoveries, where adventure, speed, emotion and mystery predominate, intergalactic travels, new discoveries in materials and techniques.

At Walt Disney Studios, located next to Disneyland Park, you will find everything related to the world of cinema, animation and television. It is the only place in Europe where visitors can meet the stars of Disney.

It is divided into 4 areas: Backlot, Production Courtyard, Animation Courtyard and Front Lot.

In each area there are also many gift and souvenir shops, restaurants of different types, rest areas, fountains, etc. There are also hotels that are around the park, specially decorated for children and with multiple activities for them.

The hotels offer transfer service from the airport and a welcome pack with tickets, coupons, maps and useful information about the park.

The schedule, depending on the time, goes from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. Tickets, which should be booked online or by phone, have different prices depending on the days we want to visit the park and if we want to go to one or two parks. For 2017 Disneyland ticket prices can be found at this Disneyland Paris address.

There are special offers, discounts or coupons for the restaurants in the park. Find out well on the Disneyland website to choose the option that best suits you and adjusting it to the plan you have planned as a family.

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