What is Unfinished Play Syndrome in Children

What is Unfinished Play Syndrome in Children

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So much information, so many toys, so many attractive things around him ... what happens? That in the end children are not able to focus on just one thing. This is what happens to many children from a very young age. They are going to play with something ... but after a few seconds they are looking for a new toy. We explain what unfinished play syndrome is and how it affects children.

The objective of a toy is for the child to play with it, true? However, an excess of toys can cause the opposite effect. More and more children are receiving gifts without causing the greatest illusion. They look at the package, open it ... and leave it stacked with the others. Or they start playing with something but after a few seconds, they switch games. Yes, this is a child with the syndrome of unfinished play. Children who are unable to enjoy and play with a toy, who are unable to focus on a single task. But ... why is this happening to them?

Obviously, anyone with an excess of information will have serious problems focusing on just one thing. It is the same thing that happens to children. Too many toys jeopardize that capacity for wonder and excitement that children need so much to learn. But there are more reasons why a child ends up losing interest in toys. Here you will find the different causes of unfinished play syndrome in children:

1. Too many toys. Yes, let's face it ... our kids have too many toys. Many of them don't even use them. Some, they don't even remember. In the end, they have so many that they lose interest in playing. It is the same as when the elderly receive too much information on the same subject. In the end we end up 'overwhelmed' and seek to divert attention to a different topic. The mind needs to disconnect when it is saturated. The same thing happens to children.

2. Toys that do it all. Young children love button games. One button and the doll speaks. One button and the doll moves ... In the end you just have to press a button. End of story. They are very good, they are very attractive toys for the little ones, and they can be used, of course, but they are not toys designed to encourage creativity, and children should use other types of toys more. In the end, they will end up getting tired of the sound or movement of that toy, which turns out (oh, surprise) to always be the same.

3. Lack of a playground. If children have toys all over the house, they will not recognize your play area. They can play in any corner of the home, but experts recommend that you have an area to store toys. The little one will be able to focus his attention towards this place.

There will always be more restless, distracted or clueless children who tire immediately after a game or an activity, but we can do everything possible to help them play longer with the same toy. How?

- Do not buy everything he asks for. If the child has everything he wants, he will stop wanting anything ... logical, right? And losing the illusion to achieve something is terribly sad. Control your impulses and do not constantly access their whims.

- Organize a play area. Yes, a place where children can easily store and find their favorite toys, without having the whole house full of toys. Often times, when you have so many things, all you do is take them out of the box and throw them away.

- Play with our children. From time to time we can 'help' them to play. Especially if they are very young, it will be enough if you sit down with him on the floor and choose a toy. Show him how to play with it and how many things he can imagine. But don't give him everything done ... try to get him to participate in the game too and imagine, like you, what else can be done with that toy.

- Put away toys that are left over. A good tactic is to store toys that you no longer use, just put them away for a while, where you can't see them. After a while, you change his toys for those ... You will see how he looks when he sees them! For him it will be like receiving new toys.

- Select the toys. Children love toys related to new technologies, but when they are very young, the best toys are the simplest. Yes, those who do not speak, nor move. The ones who must handle them. To those who must give life with their imagination.

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