Who I am. Classic game for kids

Who I am. Classic game for kids

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The childish games They serve, in addition to entertaining birthday parties and other social events, to enhance the child's development and socialization. The little ones begin to lose their fear of speaking and expressing themselves in front of other people, something very important for the future.

Since We want to remember some of the traditional games that were part of our lives and that today continue to be part of the leisure and free time of our children, such as the game of guessing 'Who am I'.

The traditional game of 'Who I am' It is a hobby that adults also tend to play, since it is very fun and entertaining to see how the participants work their brains to discover their character.

The rules of the game are very simple:

1. Several participants should stand in a circle.

2. Each of the participants should write on a piece of paper the name of a character (real or fictional).

3. When everyone has written the character they should stick it on the forehead of the partner who is located to their right.

4. They must all choose one of them to start asking questions to try to discover the character on their forehead.

5. Answers must be of the type 'Otherwise'For example: am I a cartoon character? If the answer is 'Yes', the player will ask another question and so on until he fails, giving the turn to the partner on his right.

6. As they guess the character, they will leave the game.

7. The last participant to guess who his character is will be proclaimed as 'the donkey' of the game.

Tips: The more participants the game has, the better and more fun.

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