The best moments that we live as a family

The best moments that we live as a family

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The best moments that a family experiences are not always recorded in a photograph or video. The best moments are not always the most important as it is the first day that the baby takes its first steps or the one that your child says dad or mom. I am referring to a moment of the day-to-day, of the family's daily life, in which you meet and do something together or that you would like to be extended more and more. What is the best moment you have as a family?

In my house, years ago, we have built a moment only ours. Sometimes little surprise "pirates" appear, our daughter's friends, who we welcome with a welcome, but usually the family is alone. At nightfall on Friday we meet to chat, share a movie, documentary or family video, a game, meals or simply to read or listen to music. It is a truly unique moment that surely we will all keep in the drawer of good memories.

Sometimes this moment translates to a movie theater or bowling alley, or even a walk in the park. Are times when we nurture our ties, which serve to get to know each other more, in which we also share anecdotes and jokes, laughter, laughter, in which we promote dialogue and affection since our daughter was little. Before, these moments were more focused on her, on dancing and drawing with her, on telling her stories, making her a puppet theater or listening to and singing her children's songs together.

If I had to title these moments, I would title them with excitement and pleasure. The excitement and pleasure of being together, of learning, of sharing, of strengthening our family ties ... I am sure that when our daughter grows up she will feel the need to have moments like this, sometime with us, and others with her friends and family that she will build.

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