Tips on Fruits for Kids

Tips on Fruits for Kids

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One of the Frequently asked questions about fruits for children is: What do I do to get my child to eat fruit? And it is a food that many children do not find at all attractive.

However, parents know that a healthy diet involves introducing fruits into your diet daily. To help you solve this and other doubts related to the introduction of fruits for children, on our site we have consulted nutritionists and experts.

Fruits ... better with skin or without skin? Juice or whole? Which produce more allergies and intolerances? How are they introduced into the baby's diet? There are many questions related to fruits for children, but for all of them we have an answer.

We clarify all the most frequent doubts of parents about fruits, so that you can introduce them into your child's diet in the correct way and thus help him to have a healthy and healthy diet.

The first fruit porridges. Ideas for making baby food. Recipes to prepare the first fruit porridges for babies. Fruit smoothies for children. Healthy and complete fruit porridges for the baby. Homemade recipe on how to make fruit porridges for your baby.

What fruits can the baby take. Formerly, some fruits such as strawberries, berries or kiwi were removed from the food introduction calendar. Are there fruits that should not be given to the baby before the age of 2?

Seasonal fruit table. We tell you which fruits you should consume in season according to the month in which you are. Valid for most countries in the northern hemisphere and more specifically in Europe.

Reasons for children to eat fruit. Following the recommendations to limit sugar consumption in childhood, and seeing how many recommendations suggest that fruit should also be avoided, on our site we are going to list the benefits it has and what are the options to choose regularly, and which ones are better to consume only in small amounts.

What do fruits contribute in childhood? What do fruits contribute to children? What vitamins does each have. Which are the most hydrating and which are the best to prevent colds and flu.

Tropical fruits in the children's diet. In some countries in Central and South America, tropical fruits are part of the children's diet on a daily basis. We tell you how and when to introduce tropical fruits into children's diet and what nutrients they provide to children.

Fruit juice or whole fruit? What is better? Give a fruit juice or a piece of fruit to the children? We tell you how you get more vitamins and nutrients from fruit depending on how it is consumed so that children have a healthy diet.

Be careful with the grapes! A mom shared a photo of an X-ray showing a grape lodged in a child's throat. This photo aims to raise awareness among other mothers and fathers about the danger of giving grapes, a fruit that can be deadly if it is not cut into pieces.

Fruit after meal: right or wrong? There are many beliefs today about when to eat the fruit, it is said that taking the fruit for dessert causes weight gain or that it ferments in the stomach, but it is a false myth, the fruit can be eaten as a snack and / or as a dessert.

Fruit with skin or without it? Although children do not usually like the skin of fruits and vegetables, it can sometimes be more beneficial to consume them with their own skin. In some cases, such as banana or pineapple, it is clear that the skin must be removed, but in other cases it is not so clear whether its consumption can provide benefits or not.

Desserts with fruits. The fruit has so many health benefits. For this reason, a dessert made with fruits is undoubtedly an excellent option for any menu for the whole family. From our site we have collected a selection of desserts made with fruits that provide many vitamins.

Tips on fruit juices. Natural juice can be part of the child's usual diet as long as it is consumed as part of a balanced diet and in moderate amounts. Not so fruit drinks, which are not nutritionally equivalent to natural fruit juice.

When the child does not like fruit. Many parents worry that their children don't like fruit. Although eating fruit is a habit that must be acquired from a very young age, there are many ways to achieve it when the child is a little older. We tell you some ideas so that your child is attracted to fruits.

The fruits that produce more allergy. Peach, melon and kiwi are the fruits that cause the most allergies in children. Experts say that food allergy is the most frequent cause of assistance for anaphylaxis in the emergency services of hospitals. We tell you which are the fruits with which you should be more careful when giving it to your children.

Get them used to eating fruit. How to awaken children's taste for fruits and vegetables. Children generally do not like vegetables, but we can get them used to eating everything, it is not convenient to camouflage them but to offer them naturally. our site has spoken with the psychologist Silvia Alava who offers us some tips to make vegetables more attractive.

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