10 reminders for the baby's christening

10 reminders for the baby's christening

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Reminder ideas to give at the baby's christening


Baptism reminders don't have to be all the same, Make a different Christening reminder with this fun image. You can print and complete the reminder with a personalized message for the occasion

This Christening reminder is great for both boys and girls. In addition to a simple animal design, there is space to put the details of the Christening and a photo of the baby to never forget this event.

For those who seek a balance between the classic and the original, we bring a nice and simple Christening reminder. If you like nice and delicate reminders, you can print and complete this card for your baby's christening.

Baptism reminders are a nice touch to remember this special celebration. Here is a reminder in pink for a girl's Christening, complete it with your personalized message.

Baptism reminders remind us of a very special day, so we help you choose the one you like the most. You can print this beautiful Baptism reminder in blue for a boy, with a bow and a little angel, and give it to the guests.

Remember your baby's christening with this beautiful card, which you can use for both boys and girls. An ideal Baptism reminder for babies born in the warm months for its cheerful colors, print it out and complete it.

The most classic parents can find in this card a nice reminder for the baby's Christening. The most traditional symbols of Baptism in a nice reminder to print and give at the ceremony to the guests.

For moms and dads who prefer cuddly reminders, here's a perfect baby christening card. A reminder in yellow and with the image of a little angel that you can print and complete with the event data

For girls we propose a simple and delicate Christening Reminder, in pink and purple tones. You can print it and complete the data, in addition to putting a photo of the baby.

Christening reminders are a gift to give to guests on the big day. We propose a nice design with animals to print and fill in with the data, it can also be used as an invitation

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