Trick of the 8 table with the hands to teach children

Trick of the 8 table with the hands to teach children

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Math can be fun. What's more: mathematics allows children to play. For example, with this trick of the multiplication table of the number 8, children will learn it almost without realizing it. What's more, they will only need their hands. offers you the detailed explanation of how is the trick of the multiplication table of 8 with your hands. Pay attention to explain it to your child.

1. The first thing is place your hands with your palms facing you. Each finger will have a number. The thumbs will be 1, the index finger 2, the middle finger 3, the ring finger 4 and the little finger 5.

2. To calculate 8x1 you just have to bend finger number 1, the thumbs. How many fingers are left raised? Eight! So the solution to 8x1 is 8.

3. From here, in addition to bending the corresponding finger of the right hand, the following will also be hidden from this finger (this only affects the right hand). To calculate 8x2, You lower the second finger, the two index fingers. But in the right hand you also have to bend the next to this, the thumb. On one side there is a raised finger and on the other, 6 fingers. The result is 16.

4. You continue with 8x3. It is time to lower the middle finger (the one of both hands) and in the case of the right hand, also the index and thumb. In the left hand there will be two raised, and in the right hand 4. The result is therefore 24.

5. Now multiply 8x4. You must lower the ring finger of the left hand and together with the ring finger of the right hand, the following, so that you have 3 raised fingers on the left hand and 2 on the right. The result is 32.

6. To multiply 8x5, you must lower the pinkies, and in the case of the right hand, all the others, so you have 4 fingers left on one side and 0 on the other. The result is 40.

7. To multiply the following numbers, You re-number the fingers, this time from 6 to 10. The thumb will be 6, the index finger 7, the heart 8, the ring finger 9 and the little finger 10. The following operations are the same as the previous ones, except that you add 40 to each result. Thus, in the case of 8x6, you bend your thumbs and you have 8 as a result, but adding 40 to it gives 48.

8. You multiply 8x7 hiding the index fingers and in the case of the right hand, you know, also the thumb. The result was 16, but since you have to add 40, you have 56.

9. For 8x8 it is the same, lower the middle finger of both hands and the following fingers of the right hand. If the result was 24, you add 40 to it, so you have 64.

10. To multiply 8x9 Lower your ring fingers ... the result was 32, and adding 40 ... 72!

11. For the 8x10 you don't have to do anything with your hands. You already know that you only have to add a zero to the 8 ... 80!

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