3 dangerous children's games that you should know because they can be deadly

3 dangerous children's games that you should know because they can be deadly

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We parents are unaware of the variety and quantity of games in which our children can participate. Some are totally harmless, they are child's play, others are potentially dangerous and could even cause your death.

Your children may know games like the blue whale, the strangulation, or the aspiration of substances. Games they might even have participated in. Knowing them and alerting them to them could prevent greater evils. And is that, They are dangerous games that you have to know because they can be deadly.

1. Strangulation:

It is not a new game, when I was a child it was already practiced in school, away from the gaze of caregivers and teachers. It consisted of breathing deeply and continuously for a while until causing hyperventilation, then two companions squeezed her chest until she was breathless. This caused her to faint. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well, this game has not only not gone out of style, but has caused the death of some children recently in the United States. It is the game of strangulation, either caused by the hands of another child directly on the neck, or by sitting on his face or chest.

It has many names, including: blackout game, scarf game, choking roulette ... For children, the fun lies in the level of euphoria they reach after being strangled and even in the pleasant feeling of tranquility and dreaminess they get.

Not only can this dangerous game cause the child's death by suffocation, the lack of oxygen can also lead to brain damage, seizures, coma, or trauma from falling.

Since 1985, more than 82 young people have died after playing this game, in most deaths, parents were unaware of this game.

2. Inhaling and swallowing substances:

It consists of swallowing cinnamon, nutmeg or chalk without ingesting any type of liquid. These substances immediately provoke an attack of coughing and suffocation in the child, as they irritate the throat and cause respiratory failure. They also cause lacerations in the mouth and throat and damage to the lungs.

They are substances that cannot be swallowed without liquid, so they end up expelling them through the mouth and through the nose, they call this "dragon's breath".

The same is true if they try to inhale the vapors of products such as glue. They do it from the container or by pouring the glue into a bag. Young people experience an altered state of consciousness, euphoria, and hallucinations. However, this practice, in addition to being addictive, can be deadly as it reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain and can cause suffocation.

3. Blue whale game:

This game was born in Russia and has to do with the moment when the blue whale swims to the beach to let itself die there. It is a game with several phases in which the last one is to take your own life.

The kids have to perform tests or missions that are imposed by the organizer of the game, such as seeing horror images or climbing to the heights. The missions have to be completed and show photos of it. Among these tests is that of engraving the skin with letters or drawings like the one that represents a blue whale.

This game has already caused the suicide of more than 130 children in Russia and has already jumped to Latin America where some deaths related to this dangerous game have already been detected.

There are other games that also cause lacerations on the skin of children: lifting the skin with the pencil eraser, tattooing themselves with a knife, marking the initial of their lover with the point of the compass ...

All these games, many others that we do not know and those to come are real, they cause death or serious harm to children. Knowing what our children play and warning them about the dangers of certain games is essential since they are not aware of the danger or the consequences that they can leave.

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