The Om technique to calm the baby's crying immediately

The Om technique to calm the baby's crying immediately

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It never ceases to amaze me the power that the voice can have, the vibration of the voice. It seems incredible, but in fact, it is able to immediately calm the disconsolate cry of a newborn. Do you want to know how?

Daniel Eisenman is a father capable of reassuring his baby are a technique that we could baptize as 'The' Om 'technique to calm the baby's crying'. Watch

(Video by Daniel Eisenman)

The newborn cries in anguish. At first his father speaks but the baby is still very restless ... until he hears his father's 'Om'. An 'Om' that stays in the air for a few seconds and makes the voice vibrate. The baby calms down immediately. Suddenly he relaxes and the father smiles with satisfaction. It only took 20 seconds.

Daniel posted your particular system to calm your child on his Facebook profile and the astonished comments were not long in coming. From a 'What is this, is it magic ?, to funny comments, like this:' the boy was a Buddhist monk in the past life '(Katie Webb)

Candance García assures that this is so because that sound is similar to what the baby heard inside the mother's womb... And others call it 'white noise'. Many of the people who comment on this video say it worked for them too. What is true in all this? And what is the explanation?

Actually, the 'Om' is a Hindu mantra. And in its pronunciation it is not 'Om', but 'A-U-M'. They claim that the cosmos began with a similar vibration, and that the entire universe was born from the most absolute of silences.

On a scientific level, there are many studies that show that the vibration of the 'Om' exerts great power on the pinial gland (it produces melatonin, which helps the body relax) and the pituitary gland (related to the endocrine system). It affects on a physical, mental and emotional level. Its vibration, when intoned for a long time, is 432 Hz, which is supposedly the vibration found in most sounds in nature. This vibration slows down the nervous system.

In meditation and yoga exercises it is used at the beginning, to channel emotions. If used slowly and for a long time, it will have a 'calming' effect, capable of controlling anxiety. If used repeatedly, rhythmically and in a short way, the opposite effect will be produced, since the blood supply is accelerated.

In many ancient cultures, the voice and the vibration of the voice have come to be used for healing. Hence the ancient songs of tribes that used certain rhythms to try to cure a sick person. What is proven is that the voice has the power to calm anxiety and to improve concentration and creativity. Its potential to soothe everything from a simple headache to sinusitis has also been studied.

Yes, thanks to this dad it is clear that the voice is very powerful. We only need to see how depending on the tone and vibration we use, we can get someone to pay attention to us or, on the contrary, or listen to us. Or not?

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