How to teach your child to take care of their pet

How to teach your child to take care of their pet

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Almost all children are attracted to animals and it is not uncommon that from a very young age they begin to demand the care of a pet, but the simple desire to love it is not enough, it implies responsibilities, so this choice must be made with a lot care and conscience.

Your child will spend great time with his pet, but if in addition to playing, you want him to take care of her, We tell you how to teach your child to take care of their pet.

When the child is very young, that is, over 3 years old, at which point they begin to be interested in pets, it is best to choose an animal that is easy to care for and that is not aggressive, such as turtles or fish. Also, you can Follow these guidelines for your child to learn to care for their pet:

- The most important is teach the child that carelessness can have harsh consequences, as our pet gets sick and may even die. Even so, caring for the pet should be something fun for the child, it should be an obligation that turns him into an older person, that makes him feel better and that helps him gain confidence in himself, of course, having a pet It is a responsibility of the whole family and we must assume that in the end we will be the ones who will have to help him take care of the animal.

- It is not recommended to have dogs in charge of the child until 6 years of age and, initially, it is desirable that they be friendly and non-aggressive breeds, such as Boxers, Dalmatians or Labradors. It is also not advisable to have delicate or violent dogs, and special care must be taken with small breeds since they are usually very possessive with their owners and some of the family may take a bite than another.

- It is crucial to instill in the child empathy for the animal, to teach him that he has feelings, that he can be sad, angry or too playful, and that he must be educated without harming him, respecting him at all times. A good way to achieve this respect, especially when animals are too good and allow themselves to do anything, is to tell the child that his pet depends on him, that he loves him very much and that he does not understand why he treats him badly or why he treats him as a toy, and that if you do not take good care of it, the animal will stop wanting to be by your side or it will become afraid of you. Fostering empathy is vital in all cases.

- Must have beware of cats, hamsters and exotic animals that are usually more wild and unexpected and can attack the child without meaning to if they are not treated with care, in these cases it is better to leave them for when the child is 8 years old.

- The game is basic to teach him to take care of him. We can explain to him that if we take care of him and educate him properly, he will always be by our side, he will be our friend, and he will respect us. Putting food, fresh water every day, cleaning the litter box, or walking can become fun routines "I take care of you, and you take care of your pet."

The walk, ball games and affection will help you to get to know each other better, and of course they should always be under our supervision, especially with younger children. Bath time can be a fun time, and you will love helping lather and brush him.

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